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About Happiness Pursuit of Happiness
About Finding Happiness And Where To Look For It
Happy People
What Makes Happy People Happy? Or Are They Just Born That Way?
How To Be Happy
The Principles And Practical Keys To More Happiness
Happiness Philosophy
The Philosophy Of Happiness That Underpins This Website

Mind-Body Consciousness
Articles On Consciousness And The Different States Of Consciousness
The Essence Of Self-Improvement And The Conscious Mental Rest Method
Meditation Benefits
Articles On The Benefits Of Meditation And How They Come About
Types Of Meditation
Insights Into The Types of Meditation And Meditation Techniques

CMA - Conscious Attention
How To Use Attention To Consciously Create The Life You Desire
Free Mini-course
9-page Online Mini-course: How To Use Your Attention For A Happier Life
3 Happiness Habits
To Be A Happy Person Develop These Positive Character Traits Easily
Positive Thinking
How Positive And Negative Thinking Each Affects Our Happiness

Health and Happiness
Includes The Unique D-I-Y Personalized Self-Health Plan©
Food Supplements
Information On Organic & FoodState Types Of Nutritional Supplements

Stress & Happiness
Stress, Its Relationship To Happiness, And How To Deal With It

Money & Happiness
Can Money Buy Happiness? How To Attract More Money And Happiness
Home Business
A Staring Point For Home Business, Plus Some Options To Explore

Quotes 'n' Stuff
Happiness Quotes
14-Plus Pages of Quotations, With My Comments On Each Quote
Inspirational Life Quotes
Authored By Visitors To This Site
Philosophical Quotes
Authored By Visitors To This Site

About Me
Some Pages About Me With A Section About My Search For Truth

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Themes With Their Web Pages

What's New Blog
Highlights And Links To New Website Pages

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Visitors' Articles
List Of Categories Of Pages Written By Visitors

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Write YOUR Pages
Visitors' Hub That Explains It All - Suggested Topics Shown Below

About Happiness
What's the difference between happiness and joy, if any?
Is happiness a choice? What do YOU think?
Causes of happiness: what makes YOU happy?

Meditation and Consciousness
Have YOU experienced any benefits of meditation? Have any views?
Conscious Mental Rest - Questions And Answers Before Deciding To Learn
Enjoy A Consciousness Shift Through This Awesome Slide Show

Happiness Habits
Personal integrity and happiness: what's YOUR take on it?

Stress And Happiness
What's the biggest cause of stress in YOUR life?
Thoughts On Stress-free Living
Spam mail stress: How do YOU handle it?

Free Internet Stuff
Software, utilities, etc., that you and other visitors recommend

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Your Happiness Tips
Visitors' Tips On How To Enjoy A Happier Life

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My Blog
A Random Assortment Of Topics That Come To My Mind

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Contact Form

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SBI! 2.0

Pursuit of Happiness
The Theme Page With Snippets Of Each Page In This Theme
The Pursuit of Happiness - A Silly Notion?
Finding Happiness - But Where To Look?
Finding Happiness - But Where To Look?
The Secret of Happiness: Happiness Comes From Within
Towards a Definition of Happiness
- How Do YOU Define Happiness?
The Difference Between Happiness And Joy
- How Do YOU Distinguish Between Joy vs Hapiness?
The Shortcut To Happiness
Triggering Your Happiness From Within

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Happy People
What Makes Happy People Happy? - Includes A Happy Video
Happiness Is A Choice - Or Is It Really?
- Is Happiness A Choice? What Do YOU Believe?
Are You A Happy Person? Take The 30-Second Happiness Test
A Happy Smile Is One Of Nature's Medicines - Includes Funny Videos
Happy Smile: Humour With Steve Jobs And Bill Gates
Health Benefits From A Happy Smile
Become Your Own Symbol For Happiness
Happiness Factory Coke Commercial Video

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How To Be Happy
How To Be Happy - A One-page Overview
The Master Key to Happiness - Moving Towards Self-Alignment
- The First of the Two Do-able Keys to Happiness
- The Second of the Two Do-able Keys to Happiness
How To Find True (Lasting) Happiness - Part 1 of 4
- How To Find True Happiness - Part 2 of 4
- How To Find True Happiness - Part 3 of 4
- How To Find True Happiness - Part 4 of 4
Peace, Love and Happiness I Experienced At Age 4
My Unexpected and Powerful Love-Joy Experience One Night
Pure Transcendental Bliss I Experienced at a Meditation Weekend
Success And Happiness In Midlife And Beyond
Recipe For Happiness - Just Two Ingredients

For Happiness Hub E-zine Subscribers (i.e. Password Holders):
How To Be Happy - The Big Picture Blueprint
- Blueprint: Three Areas For Unfolding True Happiness
- Three Daily Positive Affirmations For Happiness
- How To Reinforce Or Create A Desirable Belief

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Happiness Philosophy
The Philosophy of Happiness That Drives This Website
The Purpose of Life Itself
The Purpose of Human Life
Finding Your Life Purpose - Is It Really Necessary?
What Causes Happiness? - Level 1: Happenings and Experiences
- What Causes Happiness? - Level 2: Brain Chemistry
- What Causes Happiness? - Level 3: Non-physical Cause
There Is One Desire That Triggers All Other Desires

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Consciousness Different States Of Consciousness
- Reality Is Different In Different States Of Consciousness
The Fourth State Of Consciousness
- Why bother about a fourth state of consciousness?

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Self-Improvement (See Also Meditation Benefits)

The Essence Of Self-Improvement:
Self Improvement Articles That Lead To Change
Free Self-Improvement Audio Course
Blog Post: Self-Improvement Advice

Introduction To Conscious Mental Rest:
Conscious Mental Rest - A Totally Natural 'Meditation' Technique
What Others Say About Conscious Mental Rest
The Benefits Of Meditation Are Subtle And Progressive
What Does Conscious Mental Rest Actually Mean?

Introductory Principles:
Conscious Mental Rest for Balanced Living - A Key To Happiness
- A Consciousness Shift: Where does your awareness 'go' during CMR?
The Benefits of Conscious Mental Rest and Meditation

Is Conscious Mental Rest Suitable For Christians?:
Christian Meditation - Are Christians Missing Out?
- CMR: An Effective Meditation Method That's Ideal For Christians

About The Practice of Conscious Mental Rest:
Conscious Mental Rest Is Taught by Means of a Guided Meditation
How Does CMR Compare With Various Types of Meditation?
Is Conscious Mental Rest Suitable for Beginners?
Why CMR Is Effortless - The Skill Of Allowing
- The Way Of The Mind Is Towards Bliss
- The Mind Body Conection And Deep Rest
- Effort Hinders The Process
- Automatic Stress Release During CMR Triggers Thoughts
Q & A: Submit Your Own Questions About CMR

Try Conscious Mental Rest For Yourself:
Learn Conscious Mental Rest - Downloadable mp3 Course
Become A CMR Course Facilitator Yourself

For Practitioners Of Conscious Mental Rest:
Conscious Mental Rest Practitioners' Forum

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Meditation Benefits (See Also Self-Improvement)
The Benefits Of Meditation - A Realistic View
Some Benefits Of Meditation As Reported To Me
Increased Happiness Results From Meditation
Easy Access To Quieter Consciousness - Feedback
Explanation Of What Causes Meditation Benefits
- The Qualities Of The Unified Field That Are Enlivened
- The Benefits Of Meditation Are Subtle And Progressive

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Meditation Types And Techniques
The Broad Types of Meditation Described
Meditation Methods - Why Effortless Meditation Works So Well
An Effortless, Effective Meditation Method Requires The Skill of Allowing
Three Meditation Techniques That I Can Vouch For
Transcendental Meditation - A Meditator's First-hand Experience
- Transcendental Meditation as Explained to Me by a TM Teacher
- Transcendental Meditation - A Means to Transcend Thought
- Learning Transcendental Meditation - What I Experienced
- Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying - My Personal Experiences
- The Stated Purpose of the TM- Sidhis Including Yogic Flying
- Various Transcendental Meditation Courses I Have Experienced
- Transcendental Meditation - My Personal Opinion
- Free Lessons On Transcendental Meditation - Be Careful!
Why I Dropped TM After 30+ Years
- What Replaced Transcendental Meditation For Me

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Conscious Attention

Introduction To Conscious Mental Attention:
Conscious Mental Attention - Deliberately Creating A Happier Life
Page 2: Follow Your Bliss Using Conscious Mental Attention
Page 3: Be A Happy Person By Applying The Art Of Happiness
Page 4: Bliss Living - A Key In What Causes Happiness To Flow
Page 5: Finding Bliss Through Whatever You Think, Say Or Do
Page 6: The Law Of Attraction And Human Attention
Page 7: An Abraham-Hicks Method For Manifesting Desires

Free Mini-course: How To Use CMA For A Better Life:
Page 1: Introduction To The Application Of Attention
Page 2: Our Attention Affects How We Experience Life
Page 3: What We Put Our Attention On Intensifies In Our Lives
Page 4: Why Doesn't The Law Of Attraction Work For Everyone?
Page 5: The Role Of Attention In Manifesting Our Desires
Page 6: Attention: What Most People Are Not Getting What They Want
Page 7: The Mechanics Of Getting What We Desire - And Happiness
Page 8: Do's And Don'ts In Manifesting Your Desires
Page 9: Summary: How To Follow Your Bliss And Be Happier

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3 Happiness Habits

Introducing Three Essential Habits For Happiness

Truthfulness: Without It Don't Expect Happiness
- Is Your Personal Integrity Threatened By Fear?
- The Personal Integrity Challenge For Happiness
- An Affirmation For Truth and Personal Integrity

Kindness: Essential For Expanding Happiness
- A Kindness Lesson That Can Change Lives
- Try A Little Kindness To Expand Your Happiness
- What Visitors To This Site Have Said About Kindness

Appreciation: Is It As Powerful As Gratitude?
- What Is Gratitude? - Definitions And Deeper Meanings
- A Warning - Is It The Right Kind Of Gratitude?
- How To Use Appreciation To Develop Gratitude Energy
- How Appreciation Makes Thinking Positively Easier
- A Powerful Thought For The Day To Increase Your Happiness

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Positive Thinking
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Beware! The Power Of Negative Thinking
How To Stop Complaining (2 pages)

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Health & Happiness
Strategies For Health, Wellness, Vitality
The Self-Health Plan - A Unique DIY Course for Health and Happiness
- What You'll Discover in the Self-Health Plan for Happiness and Health
Proper Physical Activity Is Essential for Balance and Happiness
Proper Nutrition Is Essential for Balance and Happiness

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Food Supplements
The Best Nutritional Supplement: But How Can One Tell?

Organic Herbal Supplements
David Townsend - Amorganic Life Support
Effects Of Nutritional Supplements - Moringa
Fulvic Acid: An Important Organic Food Supplement

Foodstate® Supplements
Are FoodState Nutrients A Complete Nutritional System?
Links To Lots Of Information About Wellness Issues & FoodState

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Stress & Happiness
Stress Relief - Essential For Unlocking The Happiness Within
A Comprehensive Definition Of Stress
The Most Common Symptoms Of Stress
Stress Causes: The Two-fold Nature Of The Causes Of Stress
- A List Of The Main Causes Of Stress
- Is Your Body-type Particularly Prone To Anxiety And Worry?
- Financial Stress - A Major Cause Of Unhappiness?
- The Biggest Cause Of Stress According To Visitors To This Site
Mental Stress - Can Conscious Mental Rest Help?
Stress Tips - A Core General Strategy For All Kinds Of Stress
Yoga Breathing - Pranayama Helps To Calm The Mind
Noise Stress - An Insidious Killer Of Health And Happiness
- Unnoticed Noise Stress In The Home Environment
- Noise Stress Reducers That Work For Health And Happiness
- Stress Relief Tips For Dealing With Neighbourhood Noise
Thoughts On Stress-free Living - Visitor Contributions
How To Eliminate Spam Mail Stress - Introduction
- How To Eliminate Spam Mail - Visitor Contributions

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Money & Happiness
Money And Happiness - Can Money Buy Happiness?
Money Flows To Where Consciousness Is Pulling It
A profound and practical strategy for financial happiness
The Ten Commandments Of Financial Happiness - Page 1 of 3
- The Ten Commandments Of Financial Happiness - Page 2 of 3
- The Ten Commandments Of Financial Happiness - Page 3 of 3
Recommended Books On Financial Happiness

Contributions by visitors to this site:
How I Went From Corporate Executive to Garbageman
Money And Happiness - Share Your Own Views Or Experiences

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Home Business
Home Business Income - A Starting Point Plus Ideas To Explore
Residual Income From Home - A 3-Part Informative Article
- Residual Income From Home - Page 2
- Residual Income Business With Three Companies To Explore
Business: Earn Money Online Opportunity Worth Looking At
What Is Network Marketing?
Network Marketing Tip 1: Duplication Must Be Easy
- Network Marketing Tip 1: Page 2

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Site Build It!

Happiness Quotes
Happiness Quotes - With My Own Comments Included
2. Quotations From Albert Schweitzer, Aristotle, Edith Wharton
3. Including From Anne Frank, Jesus Christ, Disraeli, Buddha
4. Franklin D Roosevelt, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi And Others
5. Includes Quotes From The Dalai Lama and Helen Keller
6. Includes Quotes From Mahatma Gandhi and Pearl S Buck
7. Happiness Quotations From Buddha
8. Includes Quotes From Albert Camus and Thomas Fuller
9. Happiness Quotations From Thomas Paine, Eric Hoffer, et al
10. Quotes From Thomas Jefferson, Albert Camus And Others
11. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Democritus, Picasso, Aristotle And Others
12. C P Snow, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Galileo
13. Includes Quotes From Albert Einstein and Henry Miller
14. Submit Your Favourite Happiness Quotation
15. Quotes About Happiness (Including Those Submitted By Site Visitors)

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Philosophical Quotes
Philosphical Quotes By Visitors To This Website
Philosphical Quotes - Page 2
Philosphical Quotes - Page 3

Inspirational Life Quotes
Original Quotes Authored By Visitors To This Site

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Free Stuff
Free Stuff To Trigger Your Happiness
Free Info: What A Web Structure Diagram (Site Blueprint) Should Provide
- Free Tutorial - A Website Hierarchy System That works Well
Useful Websites And Other Freebies To Add To Your Happiness
Submit Your Favourite Freebie To Get Free Stuff To Others
More pages of links to be added

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About Me
About Gavin Hoole - That's Me
- About Gavin Hoole (Longer Version)

My Search For The Truth About Life:
One Man's Inner Journey To Find The Truth About Life
- Transcendence - My First Experience During Meditation
- Transcendental Bliss Without A Meditation Technique
- Transcending Thought - Without A Technique
- How Conscious Mental Rest Originated
- How Conscious Mental Attention Originated
- Conclusion: The Two Sides In The Expansion Of Happiness

Some Personal Glimpses Of A More Subtle Level Of Awareness:
My Experience Of Silent Peace When I Was About 4
Peace, Love And Happiness - My Heart-bursting Experience
My Bliss Experience At A Meditation Weekend

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