Correcting Imbalances
In the Area of Physical Activity

Physical activity: essential for stress relief and greater happiness

Walking serior men Anyone who has had regular physical activity knows that it releases stress. And stress relief is essential to help normalize the functioning of the mind-body system which, in turn, is necessary for unlocking one's happiness from within.

Our modern work-life

Today, the nature of work is far less physical than it was in the past. More people today spend their work week sitting down: working at a desk, at a computer, and so on.

This sedentary work goes on for 8 to 9 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, with very little real bodily exertion during the working day.

Physical exercise is vital for the natural release of stress and wastes from the system, and for the efficient functioning of all the organs of the body.

Our modern lifestyle of comfort and lack of exertion

On top of the work week itself, modern conveniences such as electricity and electrical appliances, motor cars, computers and indoor entertainment have further reduced the amount of body exertion the average person has today.

Bushmen going on a hunt

No longer does the average man need to engage in physical exertion to hunt and gather his food, or be involved in the physical labour of farming for sustenance. He simply hops into his car and drives down to the local supermarket and buys as much as he likes.

No longer do most people walk wherever they need to go; they go by car or public transport.

The world has woken up to the need for physical activity

Aerobics class People are well aware of these trends; and so to compensate for this widespread lack of body movement we have seen a growing interest in scheduled physical exercise: walking, jogging, cycling, fitness centers, aerobics and a variety of weekend sports such as squash, tennis and so on.

More people are also seeing the need for mental rest, or 'meditation'

Meditation on cover of Time magazine

Just as more and more people have seen the need for regular exercise, and for better nutrition , so too are more people seeing the need for some form of mental rest - what many refer to as 'meditation'.

This site in fact offers Conscious Mental Rest (CMR) TM as an effective way to give the mind deep rest and to reduce mental overload and stress.

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