Be Your Own Happiness Factory

This page features the Coca-Cola Happiness Factory commercial. But the website itself is about more than just a Coke commercial.

This site is about how each of us can manufacture our own happiness to enjoy many happy days like many other happy people on our planet.

Don't get me wrong; I think Coke has a great taste, and I used to be pretty much addicted to it! In fact, it brought me lots of happiness, especially on a hot day.

Anyway, here's the Coke commercial (the full version).

Want to manufacture your own happiness?

Actually, you already do. We all do. However, many people just don't realise it.

At the core of every human being is the source of happiness itself, or bliss, or joy - call it what you wish. It's simply that 'stuff' that alows us to feel good, happy, contented, full of life.

To experience more of our happiness from within, more consistently, more often, we simply need to clear the blockages and let it flow - dissolve the stresses, and manage our attention properly.

This website is all about how to do that, using two simple, pretty effortless keys to happiness - and without the need for any happy pills.

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