What Is Gratitude?

Plus: An Easy Alternative To Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

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Just what does gratitude mean?

What Is Gratitude? Are you finding that having an attitude of gratitude not so easy? There's a clever alternative that will bring the same results.

But first, here are some definitions of gratitude. I have shown in bold the meanings that pertain to this particular topic.

Websters Online Dictionary:

A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; "he was overwhelmed with gratitude for their help".

Merriam Webster:

the state of being grateful : thankfulness

And what does appreciation mean?

Merriam Webster:

  1. a : judgment, evaluation; especially : a favorable critical estimate
  2. b : sensitive awareness; especially : recognition of aesthetic values
    c : an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude
  3. : increase in value

Websters Online Dictionary:

  1. An expression of gratitude; "he expressed his appreciation in a short note".
  2. A favorable judgment; "a small token in admiration of your works".

And the verb appreciate


  1. To recognize the quality, significance, or magnitude of: appreciated their freedom.
  2. To be fully aware of or sensitive to; realize: I appreciate your problems.
  3. To be thankful or show gratitude for: I really appreciate your help.
  4. To admire greatly; value.

Websters Online Dictionary:

  1. Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for.
  2. Be fully aware of; realize fully; "Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?"
  3. Hold dear; "I prize these old photographs".

What is gratitude as far as having a better life is concerned?

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine The important thing about having an attitude of gratitude is the quality of the feeling that accompanies it. Those who consciously work with the Universal Law of Attraction would say that gratitude has the kind of vibration necessary to attract what one desires and to have more happiness in one's life.

Appreciation is often easier to apply than gratitude

As you'll see from the dictionary definitions above, the word appreciation has in fact very similar in meaning to the word gratitude. Moreover, the essence of the feelings that accompany an attitude of appreciation is virtually the same as for gratitude.

For some people appreciation is a far easier concept or attitude to apply, because it does not necessarily imply that there is someone else to whom one should be appreciative or grateful, or some spiritual or divine entity one should be thankful to.

So one can ask the question: what is gratitude? And it would be virtually the same as asking: what is appreciation?

Thus, if you are someone who does not totally relate to the meaning of gratitude - for whatever reason - you can use the term appreciation instead. The next page discusses how to start the ball rolling to create the feelings that attract more happiness and allow desires to meet with less resistance.

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