Stress Relief - Essential For
Unlocking The Happiness Within

Stress relief, health and happiness

Stress can lead to unhappiness and illhealth

It has been proven scientifically that stress is a key factor in reducing one’s level of health and wellness.

It is therefore also a major impediment to the experience of happiness.

Dr Vincent Bellonzi:
about handling stress

I recently came across a video talk on You Tube by Dr Vincent Bellonzi (see below) in which he makes some very valid points about the need for stress relief.

Here are some of the points Dr Bellonzi makes:

  • Do everything you can to help your body be healthy: build a reserve.
  • If you have something in reserve, your body can handle stress without it leading to symptoms of ill-health.
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  • So, look at your stresses, do what you can to start reducing your exposure to them and start building a reserve.
  • The solution is not in a pill. The solution is in what you do for yourself.

How stress affects health

(If the video does not display, please let me know. Thanks.)

And here's a site with more useful information on how stress can affect health: - 'a complete stress management guide on how stress affects your health, well-being and performance'.

Three effective stress relievers

Effective meditation techniques allow deep-rooted stresses to be released from the mind-body system, which in turn allows inner happiness to be experienced more easily and more frequently. I can personally vouch for three such effective meditation techniques. As stresses get dissolved, happiness has a greater opportunity of flowing from within.

Useful stress and relaxation resources

InnerHealthStudio.comFor lots of useful relaxation resources for dealing with stress, visit where you can also download free relaxation scripts to record for playback to yourself.

10 Best Stress Tips

Often it takes a while - perhaps months, even years - for stress overload to build up, leading to all sorts of health issues. And usually this can be the result of slipping into a few lifestyle habits that are not conducive to healthy living.

Take some time to check out your own lifestyle and see whether you perhaps need to make a few simple, common-sense adjustments. Use these 10 best stress tips to help you get started.

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Stress Relief - Essential For Unlocking The Happiness Within
A Comprehensive Definition Of Stress
The Most Common Symptoms Of Stress
Stress Causes: The Two-fold Nature Of The Causes Of Stress
- A List Of The Main Causes Of Stress
- Is Your Body-type Particularly Prone To Anxiety And Worry?
- Financial Stress - A Major Cause Of Unhappiness?
- The Biggest Cause Of Stress According To Visitors To This Site
Mental Stress - Can Conscious Mental Rest Help?
Stress Tips - A Core General Strategy For All Kinds Of Stress
Yoga Breathing - Pranayama Helps To Calm The Mind
Noise Stress - An Insidious Killer Of Health And Happiness
- Unnoticed Noise Stress In The Home Environment
- Noise Stress Reducers That Work For Health And Happiness
- Stress Relief Tips For Dealing With Neighbourhood Noise

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