Peace Love And Happiness:
My Meditation Weekend Experience

Here's a little story about peace love and happiness that filtered into my being during the nineteen-seventies.

I was on a weekend in-residence meditation ‘deepening course’ at some rented holiday cottages outside a seaside village called Port Alfred, about 90 minutes east of Port Elizabeth by car. The purpose of these residence courses was to deepen the meditator’s experience of ‘transcending’ and thereby accelerate the release of stress from the system.

During an afternoon session, while I was meditating alone on my bunk bed in the seaside cottage, with the quiet sound of the ocean in the distance, I experienced the usual settling down of my mental activity to the point where my mind was essentially still.

In that stillness of mind my whole being was settled and quiet and I experienced a quiet peace and bliss of the transcendent. You could call it a peace love and happiness experience.

Whoosh! Peace love happiness .. gone!

Then Pam walked past the cottage with Rainor and the yakkety yak of Pam’s voice drew my settled attention from within and brought my mind back to my external environment and out of that state of inner bliss.

I felt quite bereft, actually, even a bit miffed. It felt as if I had been yanked out of bliss so suddenly. But what it did show me was the contrast between the two states of consciousness – the waking state of an active mind, and the transcendental state of stillness. In the East this state is referred to as sat chit ananda, which translates into English as absolute bliss consciousness.

Growing into ‘cosmic consciousness’

It is held that through the regular alternation of these two contrasting states of consciousness – waking state and transcendental consciousness – the human nervous system gradually and progressively becomes ‘cultured’ to sustain that silent state of awareness even during the waking state as well as during deep sleep or dream sleep.

In other words, that state of transcendental consciousness, which lies beyond (transcends) thought, becomes a permanent state of our being – what Eckhart Tolle refers to as 'Presence', or being in the eternal Now.

In all circumstances we remain in touch with our ‘deeper’ silent self, a state of pure awareness. This all-inclusive state is referred to as 'cosmic consciousness'. This is said to be the natural state of mankind, once all the inhibiting stresses have been dissolved from the mind-body system.

It is held that 'cosmic consciousness' is attained by means of a regular daily experience of 'transcendental consciousness' through an effective method of transcendental meditation,

The bottom line for me: happiness definitely comes from within

The three experiences I've described on three separate Web pages really reassured me – without any shadow of doubt – that the experience of peace love and happiness from within is no pipedream or meaningless platitude. It is absolutely real.

But hearing this from someone else is one thing; knowing how to access the happiness that resides within us is what will really make a difference in our lives. And that is what I and this website are all about.

Peace Love And Happiness
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