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Question: Is CMR an easy meditation for beginners?

Answer: Yes, for sure.

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Why are people looking for a method of meditation for beginners?

Buddhists meditating together

The reason that people are looking for a beginner meditation is quite possibly because of the history of meditation.

Some traditional Eastern meditation techniques, and their Western derivatives, have been portrayed as requiring many years of training before a student could attain a certain level of proficiency in the practice.

Meditation has therefore often come to be seen as being difficult and requiring the kind of discipline and mind control most suited to a reclusive way of life. And, if truth be told, this was indeed probably the situation, simply because of the kinds of meditation being taught.

Control and discipline were seen to be the way

Mental control and discipline have traditionally been believed to be the only way to ‘subdue’ the mind for the experience of the transcendent and for reaching the goal of enlightenment. And this required lots and lots of practice.

Was this to maintain mystique and a hierarchy?

Also, it was quite possibly part of the culture of various religious orders or traditions in order to maintain some kind of mystique within and about their organization, and to create a hierarchy related to levels of attainment in these spiritual practices.

So, it is quite natural that householders and other non-recluses living in modern society would want to use a meditation for beginners that is easier and will bring results without all the training and practice traditionally expected.

Different approaches to ‘creating a still mind’

Blonde lady meditating These traditional Eastern types of meditation techniques have no doubt been based on a certain understanding of how the mind functions, and what mind tools are therefore needed in order to stop the mind’s wandering nature.

It is now appreciated, however, that control and years of practice are actually not necessary, provided the method of meditation works with the natural tendency of the mind instead of trying to control and subdue it.

CMR does not involve controlling or tricking the mind

As I said on the page comparing Conscious Mental Rest© with various types of meditation, CMR does not really fit the various categories commonly referred to as 'meditation'.
Traditional meditation techniques often require some kind of mental 'doing', such as thinking about something, or being mindful of something or some aspect of the body – like the breath. Or they may require concentration, or effort to empty the mind, and so on.

CMR is more a process of allowing – allowing the mind to rest, while we ourselves remain fully awake.

In CMR there is no attempt to cause the mind to settle down or become still. We simply set up the right conditions and allow the process to take its own course. This makes CMR both natural and quite effortless.

Because CMR is natural and effortless, it is therefore an easy meditation technique for any normal person to use.

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