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The greatest happiness principle of all, the one that gives rise to the name of this website, Unlock Your Happiness, is that happiness is experienced within our own mind-body system, and nowhere else.

In most people it is obscured to a lesser or greater extent by what is popularly known as 'stress'. If we can remove some stress, then we will unlock more of our happiness into the field of personal experience. There are two approaches to achieving this.

The two aspects of happiness

There are two sides to the experience of happiness, and each side is important for the fullest possible experience of happiness in our lives.

Firstly, the source of happiness lies within us - embedded in our own psycho-physiology. It can bubble up for no apparent reason. It is there, deep inside us, waiting to be enjoyed.

This is most obvious in children, because they have not yet taken on too much stress and worry about life. With less stress, more of our true inner nature can shine through into our daily living; and this is what the first approach and daily habit is all about.

The idea is to consciously tap into that source of happiness within on a regular basis. By doing that, deep-seated stresses are progressively peeled away to allow more happiness to be experienced spontaneously in our daily living.

Secondly, 'things' can make us feel happy; they can trigger our inner happiness to flow forth and be experienced.

These 'things' might be relationships, enjoyable activities, having fun, being appreciated or recognized, having status in the community, acquiring new possessions, having a nice meal in sociable company, creating something from our own creativity, and so on. These happy moments amplify our daily experience of happiness, although of themselves they do not create a permanent state of peace and joy.

The greatest happiness principle: happiness comes from within

The common denominator in these two aspects is that the happiness itself is still always experienced inside our own being - whether it bubbles up by itself or is triggered by something outside our mind-body system. This, then, is the greatest happiness principle.

What sages and wisdom teachings have said for ages

Sages, prophets, gurus, and spiritual teachers in all systems and all ages have said, in different ways: happiness comes from within; the kingdom of heaven is within you; the source of thought is a field of absolute bliss consciousness, and so on.

I know these statements to be true because I myself have had profound experiences of this inner bliss, without any known external stimulus.

Others have too. Here's just one example, taken from an e-mail I recently received:

"... it changed my life forever. I was plunged into an ocean of pure awareness and happiness in the very first practice and for one moment, the most profound moment of my life, I was in a state of the purest bliss consciousness."

Knowing this - or at least accepting that it might be true - makes it much easier to become happier. We only need to unlock what we already have inside us to take advantage of the greatest happiness principle of all.

In the pages and audio files of this website I will teach you how to unlock your happiness from within by adopting two simple and totally natural daily habits.

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