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Gavin Hoole - Founder of Conscious Mental RestGavin Hoole
By cultivating just two daily happiness habits - turning two keys to unlock your inner peace - you will start experiencing a happier and more fulfilling life - easily, naturally and progressively. That's for sure.

Without these two keys, searching for that much desired peace of mind can be like chasing rainbows.

The two keys are available at this website right now - currently free of charge.

Happiness: end of the search for the beginning

You have, in my view, reached the starter's post from where we can fast-track to the heart of it all and bypassing the cul-de-sacs and time-wasting (and often costly) sidetracks we so often find ourselves caught up in.
"Gavin, I think you have taught the course very well. It is simple and easy to follow and a great benefit to all who seriously engage in CMR twice a day. Thanks again. Richard"
Discover the direct way to your own inner source of peace and joy.

This website is not associated with any religion or religious group, or with any particular school of philosophy. Its contents are of value to everyone.

Here's your navigation compass for this site

Angie and Belinda Hoole in Aspen, ColoradoMy two South African daughters having fun in Aspen, Colorado
This website has several hundred pages, so it's easy to get lost in the maze and end up going round and round in circles without finding what you came here for.

If you are here to experience being happier, I want to be sure you don't get lost in the maze of pages at this site.

So, simply click on the Next >> link at the end of this home page, and from there follow the similar Next link at the end of each of the four pages that follow. That will take you through the 'Introduction' section of the Happiness Formula shown near the top of the navigation menu on the left.

After that, use that menu to work your way through the links shown in that section, starting with Conscious Mental Rest, then the other links below that. The idea is to get to the point where you actually learn the method of Conscious Mental Rest offered free of charge as an online course with six daily follow-up support e-mails. This is the first key to a smoother life.

The next section in the menu - Conscious Mental Attention - will cover the second key.

The pages in that first 'Formula' section of the menu will give you the main principles that guide the title of this website, using a straighforward, down-to-earth, proven and practical way to improve your quality of life from the source of joy within each one of us. It is a way that works!

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