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The Pursuit of Happiness - A Silly Notion?
Charles Percy Snow says the pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase. If you pursue happiness you'll never find it. I agree with this English physicist and novelist, and I'll explain why.

Happiness Information
To be of practical use, happiness information needs to include the knowledge of how to experience more happiness on an ongoing basis. The main purpose of this site is to provide that knowledge.

Finding Happiness - But Where To Look?
The source of happiness is not somewhere 'out there'. It is, quite literally, within one's own being. So, the pursuit of happiness needs us to look inward.

The Secret of Happiness: Happiness Comes From Within
The secret of happiness is that life itself is a field of bliss and you can immediately unlock your own happiness from within to enjoy a better life.

Towards a Definition of Happiness
Do we really, really need a definition of happiness in order to experience it? Surely not. But for the sake of creating a common base for discussion, let's try to define happiness anyway.

How Do YOU Define Happiness?
What is happiness? Share your personal views on the meaning of happiness. And read what others say.

The Difference Between Happiness And Joy
There does seem to be a difference between happiness and joy. Yet both are the experience of feeling good.

How Do YOU Distinguish Between Joy vs Happiness?
Joy vs happiness is something many people grapple with. Read what these two words mean to visitors to this site. And feel free to share your own thoughts on this too.

The Shortcut To Happiness
There is indeed a shortcut to happiness and it is just so unbelievably simple. In fact, anyone who doesn't take this shortcut is missing out in life.

Triggering Your Happiness From Within
We can trigger and unlock the happiness from within us, because that is the 'stuff' out of which we are made. This website will tell you how - at no charge.

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