Guided Meditation
To Learn Conscious Mental Rest©

CD case for the CMR home-tuition course

The CMR course uses downloadable guided meditation mp3 files or a CD to teach the experience of Conscious Mental Rest©, which is one of my two essential keys to happiness.

The audio instruction is then supported with follow-up information to assure correct ongoing use of the CMR process.

IMPORTANT: The kind of 'guidance' given

This guided meditation is not one in which you are guided into visualizations, contemplations or mental journeys.

It consists of some simple instructions that enable you to allow your mind to get deep rest while you remain awake.

By following the simple guidance given, the mind begins to settle down and you spontaneously experience diminising mental activity as your mind moves towards more stillness.

So the term 'guided meditation' refers to the way in which you are guided into the experience of Conscious Mental Rest©.

The effortless process of Conscious Mental Rest©
The CMR process - also referred to as CMR meditation - is very easy and natural. But we’re so entrenched in our belief that anything worthwhile requires effort, technique and hard work that it is not always obvious how to take advantage of the natural functioning of the mind and use it to our benefit.

So the CMR course explains this on the meditation mp3 files and in the six follow-up e-mails. The student will discover first-hand how easy the process is when the correct approach is adopted.

A few experiential preliminaries

The first part of the audio section of the course starts with a few experiential preliminaries before the meditation session commences.

These preliminaries help you appreciate the way the mind works, and they help explain how to allow the process to be effortless and natural.

With the downloadable course, two of these preliminaries can be done before making a decision to order the course.

Questions and Answers

On the next page you will find some typical questions and answers taken from past introductory talks.

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Conscious Mental Rest for deeper happiness and peace of mind

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