Happiness Requires Balanced Living

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Balanced living means living a balanced, healthy, happy life - where we look after the three fundamentals of life: rest, activity and energy (which in the case of humans is provided by nutrition).

Living a balanced life becomes much easier if you incorporate the regular experience of Conscious Mental Rest into your daily routine.

This page summarizes the main principles behind Conscious Mental Rest.
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There are three fundamentals of human physical life

  • Rest
    All life, all activity, starts from a state of rest.
  • Activity
    For life to grow, for it to evolve, there needs to be activity.
  • Energy (which in human life requires nutrition)
    And for activity to take place, the body must be fuelled with nutrition.

For optimum health and maximum happiness these three fundamentals need to be taken care of in a balanced way. This is what is meant by balanced living.

Rest is the basis of activity. Activity rests on rest.
~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The starting point of all … is the state of rest.

Balanced rest and activity

Gorilla sleeping

We need to get enough good quality rest – both mental and physical – and it needs to be balanced with good quality activity, also physical and mental.

Gorilla walking

‘Balanced’ rest and activity means that both aspects should be alternated with each other and there should be enough of each. Yet neither should be indulged in to an excess.

Balanced nutrition

Obesity diagram from wikipedia.com

We also need good quality nutrition to sustain the body and give it the energy to function properly in a state of health and happiness. This too should be enough yet not in excess.

So, an effective, happy, healthy, vital life hinges on maintaining balance in all three of these fundamentals.

How modern life has impacted negatively on balanced living

Changes in human lifestyle over the ages have, however, resulted in the balance of these three fundamentals – rest, activity and energy/nutrition – becoming somewhat compromised.

Society today is not enjoying optimum health and maximum happiness.

In the next few pages we'll look at how imbalance has been created, and what steps have been taken in modern society in an effort to compensate for these imbalances.

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