How To Find True Happiness

So, just what is true happiness?

The question of how to find true happiness begs a further question: what do we mean by true happiness?

Well, in my book, all happiness is true happiness. As far as I'm concerned, happiness is the experience of feeling good. So whenever I feel good, I'm experiencing happiness. And the experience is true, genuine and real.

However, I don't think this is what people are really meaning when they ask that question. I think the question of how to find true happiness is realy asking how one can experience lasting happiness, without all the ups and downs and the periods of non-happiness and even unhappiness in between.

What causes the ups and downs of happiness?

To answer this question I must first touch on a few key points about happiness, including why and how it is experienced. These points are covered in the section on the Philosophy of Happiness That Drives This Site . But here's a brief summary:

  • The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.
  • If that is life's purpose, then built in to life must be the means for happiness to expand. We should naturally be able to experience more and more happiness. And the good news is that indeed we can.
  • The source of human happiness has been found to be within our own psycho-physiology. Happiness comes from within. And it can be unlocked through what I call Self-alignment.
  • Under the right conditions happiness flows in and through us and we experience it as pleasant feelings, such as, for example: a sense of joy, feelings of vitality and wellbeing, energy, love, contentment, fearlessness, helpfulness, laughter, and so on.
  • By 'under the right conditions' I mean that our consciousness must be sufficiently clear, without our feeling overshadowed by stress, anxiety or ill-health. Any such impediments will, to a greater or lesser extent, block the flow of happiness so that our experience of it is less than optimal.
  • Happiness takes on many shades and hues. It is different from moment to moment, from situation to situation and from individual to individual. It is always shifting and changing in its nature.
  • Happiness can flow spontaneously from within, for no apparent reason - like that jump-for-joy happy feeling, or as a quiet, contented feeling inside you. Both of these are simply different shades of true happiness - different aspects of a deep range of hapiness experiences.
  • Happiness can also be triggered by something outside your inner core - like buying a new car, going on holiday, winning some money, seeing a loved one arrive, and so on. This too is 'true' happiness. The only difference between this and the previous point above is that here something noticeable outside you brought the feeling up from somewhere inside you.
  • So, how to find true happiness involves accessing the happiness within, and also triggering it via external life-happenings.

Now that the platform has been set, let's move on to address the question of how to find true happiness.

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