How To Be Happy
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My happy granddaughter, Leia

This page is a quick snapshot of how to be happy -- a proven strategy for living an increasingly happy, fearless and contented life.

The master key to happiness : Self-Alignment

How to be happy is easier than many non-happy people believe. And it's far more straightforward and effortless than the kazillion 'techniques' and methodologies widely offered today.

Why? Because the state of wellbeing and happiness is the natural state of human life. And the secret of happiness is that happiness comes from within. So, we just need to know how to unlock it.

It is only our own deviations from natural law, and the stress that we accumulate as a result, that stand in the way of our ongoing experience of increasing happiness, joy and contentment.

How to be happy

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Simply bring the 'personality self' (often called the egoic self ... or the You that you are so familiar with) into alignment with the less familiar non-material ‘Higher Self' to tap into the field of joy within and unlock it to flow naturally in your life.

This is a liberating, exhilarating and joyful process. It is what life is all about. Sages throughout history have been telling us: The purpose of lfe is the expansion of happiness, and that the source of happiness can be found within our own very being.

Now you have the opportunity to make those grand statements become a living reality in your own life, with immediate effect.

Yes, but how?, you may ask. Well, it's easy-peasy, really!

There are just two behaviours needed - two life habits to cultivate. I call these the two do-able keys to happiness. Together they form the master key of how to be happy.

The two do-able keys to happiness

Here is how to move towards Self-Alignment:

1. Allow time every day for some mental stillness

Take time every day to allow your conscious mind to move towards mental stillness. This automatically aligns your conscious mind with your inner broader consciousness that transcends thinking.

It allows you to tap into your inner source of creative intelligence, energy, health, wisdom and bliss. The method I use for this is called Conscious Mental Rest ©. Many people use one or other meditation technique .

On this website you will find information about Conscious Mental Rest©. You will also have the opportunity to take a course that will show you how to experience Conscious Mental Rest© for yourself, on a daily basis.

2. Follow your inner 'voice' that speaks to you through your feelings

Happy Leia Hoole in the bath tub

Manage your attention so that you can consciously follow your inner 'voice'. Notice and respond to your feelings moment to moment as they prompt you to choose appropriate thought, speech and action that is right for you.

This habit will further help to unlock the flow of your inner happiness. In fact, it is crucial to health and happiness.

The method I use for fine-tuning these attention skills is called Conscious Mental Attention ©. Some people call it following your bliss.

On this website you'll learn more about Conscious Mental Attention© too. And you have access to my Conscious Mental Attention Mini-Course too.

These two do-able and natural daily habits are the essentials - the two pillars - that will progressively bring you into greater Self-Alignment.

And, more Self-Alignment is an absolute prerequisite for more happiness and health in life. Without Self-Alignment you're just treating the symptoms; just fiddling around at the superficial level of how to be happier.

This website will help to guide you in the how-to implementation of these two essential do-able keys to happiness.

Additional happiness accelerators

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Additional strategies for how to be happy, that can be applied to accelerate the process of Self-Alignment, are being progressively added to this website too. But moving towards Self-Alignment through the two keys to happiness is the basis of it all.

In the meantime, here's a quick tip:

Make it a habit to always be kind and gentle with others. They too are wishing to enjoy more happiness. You can start practising this one immediately. Try it today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and see how you feel.

More about this elsewhere on this site.

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