Free Online Meditation Course

And Become A CMR Course Facilitator Yourself

Yes! By taking the free online meditation course in Conscious Mental Rest, you become eligible to become a CMR Course Facilitator to share the knowledge and experience with fee-paying clients at courses you administer in your home town, or wherever you wish.

How it all works

First, you read up about Conscious Mental Rest, as explained on this website.

Next, you register for the free online meditation course in Conscious Mental Rest to become a regular twice-daily practitioner yourself. The course is given via downloadable mp3 audio files, with six follow-up daily e-mails, one a day, which give you additional insights based on your new experience of 'CMR - Transcending Meditation' during the preceding days.

After about two months of regular daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest you can learn the CMR Enhancer, which subtly enhances the effects and experience of Conscious Mental Rest.

After another couple of months you are eligible to register to become a CMR Course Facilitator to administer the same courses in face to face sessions with people in your home town, or anywhere else for that matter.

Take the free online meditation course to become a course facilitator yourself

Overall Purpose Of The
Conscious Mental Rest Course Facilitator Programme

Help to make the world a better place by enabling as many people as possible to enjoy the subtle yet profound long-term benefits of daily Conscious Mental Rest.

Advantages of Being a CMR Course Facilitator

The joy of helping others

Many, many people throughout the world do not have easy Internet access. And many don't have Internet access at all. So it is not easy, and in some cases not even possible, for such people to download the CMR instruction audio files and receive the free online meditation course with its follow-up support information via e-mail.

However, with a CMR Course Facilitator in their geographic area such people can come to a physical venue and have access to the same official CMR course via a CD player set up by the Facilitator.

Sharing Conscious Mental Rest with others in this way can bring joy and fulfillment to the Facilitator, knowing that they are helping people in a very tangible and sustainable manner.

Share the knowledge without paying a cent for the privilege

To become an authorized teacher of many consciousness techniques, such as meditation and the like, can be quite expensive. And in some cases it requires attending in-residence courses for extended periods of anything up to six months or even more. This is not the case with CMR.

With Conscious Mental Rest, the actual teaching is done by me, Gavin Hoole, by means of the audio files I have prepared. The Facilitator's role is to arrange the courses, provide a venue, and to play those audio files so that I can do the teaching there. And the audio files are available to the Facilitator free of any charge.

In addition, you do not have to pay any fee or buy any rights or materials if you want to become a CMR Course Facilitator. It is all free. Once you register to be a CMR Course Facilitator, you will gain access to the Facilitator's Course Materials which consist of specific guidelines on how the courses should be administered.

You will also receive a Certificate as well as a Commitment document that you can frame for the room in which you administer the courses. In addition, the downloadable Facilitator's Pack provides additional downloadable audio and written material, including application forms and end-of-course handouts for your students -- all free of charge.

Earn an income from the courses you facilitate

As a Facilitator you would be investing your own time and perhaps incur some minor costs in facilitating CMR courses - for example: setting up courses; using your home as a venue or securing an outside venue; perhaps advertising locally; burning a working copy of a CD from the downloaded audio files to play on a CD player; printing out course application/indemnity forms, and so on. So it is only right and fair that you should be compensated for such out-of-pocket expenses as well as the time you devote to preparation for and administration of the courses.

No restriction is placed on a Facilitator in regard to charging a fee for the courses they run. Fee guidelines may be provided by CMR from time to time, but the general principle is simply one of fairness. If you wish to offer Conscious Mental Rest courses at no charge, you are free to do so. If you wish to charge a fee, that too is quite acceptable. I would just ask that course fees are kept at a reasonable level so that as many people as possible can learn CMR, without the course fee being an obstacle.

So, an active CMR Facilitator who runs courses frequently and charges a fair course fee could in fact generate some useful income from their undertaking. And the good news is, you get to keep all the money you earn. No royalties or percentages are payable to me or to the CMR Institute.

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The Facilitator's Commitment

When I created this CMR Course Facilitator Programme I decided that there should be as little control as possible from my side. I have seen what happens when something like this takes on the form of an organization or 'movement'. What may have started out as something simple and innocent can sometimes grow into an unnecessarily bureaucratic organization that loses the innocence of it all, as egos and agendas come into play.

Also, this is certainly not a time in my life that I want to start some kind of organization or movement. We can just do this in a more relaxed way. :-)

For these reasons I decided to set up some practical guidelines and then let the good folk who want to become Facilitators run with it accordingly.

To help you decide whether you wish to become a CMR Facilitator, I have compiled a simple 'commitment' form which you will be asked to read through and to click in the check-boxes to confirm that you are committed to each of the points listed.

Once you have completed that form and confirmed your commitment by clicking on the button, you'll get immediate access to the free Facilitator's Course Materials. It is then up to you to honour the commitment you have made to yourself and to me.

Fair enough?

View the Facilitator's Commitment that you will be asked to agree to when the time comes to make a decision about becoming a CMR Course Facilitator.

The first step

As already mentioned, the first step is for you to take the free online meditation course so you can experience Conscious Mental Rest first-hand yourself. Then, when the time is right, you can decide whether to register as a CMR Course Facilitator.

So, here's a suggested starting point: Conscious Mental Rest

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