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Can YOU handle being totally truthful?

We stay in the job we hate because we fear that if we leave this job we won't have enough money to maintain our standard of living.

Or we tell a 'white lie' because we believe that if we tell the truth we won't be able to cope with the other person's response.

So, in our (false) belief that we are able to manipulate someone else's behaviour and feelings, we tell them what we think will 'keep the peace' and maintain harmony. Or we say what we believe will not show the other person what we are really like.
But what is the cost of is these choices in terms of our own peace and happiness? Not being totally truthful is really choosing for instant gratification. It is grabbing the immediate opportunity to avoid what we believe will happen - which we believe we won't be able to handle in the now or in the near future.

In reality, that is only avoiding what one believes one won't be able to cope with. So, it is often not even a real threat. And the worst part is that it is ignoring the longer term, unseen damage one is doing to oneself in terms of self-inflicted stress, emotional self-imprisonment, lack of happiness and resultant compromised health as well.

It is more serious than many people think

Does this sound like an exaggeration? Then look at the world around you? Look at the illnessess, the medical costs, phychiatric cases being dealt with, suicides, crime. These are the result of people choosing immediate fear-based 'gratification' or pain avoidance rather than truth and honesty.

It simply is not worth it. Truthfulness should be the choice in every moment of the day, in every decision, in every action.

Bottom line: Untruthfulness reduces happiness

Untruthfulness is a subtle and insidious cause of stress and unhappiness worldwide

Every deviation from the absolute truth - even the slightest - is a crack in personal integrity. It is living a lie, being dishonest, not being truthful.

At the same time it is creating new and compounding stress in our nervous system and in our entire mind-body structure every day we continue that way. It takes us further and further from our inner essence, which is bliss. In short, it creates and increases unhappiness in us.

Is it time we all took stock of our own personal integrity?

We can start this very minute to take stock of our lives. We know when we're telling a fib; or when we are deciding whether to claim some non-claimable expense for income tax purposes; or whether we are being totally truthful with our partner, a friend, or the guy at the store when we're wanting to return something for a refund.
Thumbs up for personal integrity!
At every moment we think, speak or act, we can choose for personal integrity and change our lives forever - for the better; for more happiness.

So, let's do it! All of us!

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Personal Integrity: Page 1 2 3 4

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