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The Transcendental Meditation
Yogic Flying Technique:
My Personal Experience

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Transcendental Meditation - A Means To Transcend Thought

1978: I take the TM-Sidhi advanced course

For some time Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had been experimenting with an advanced application of the Transcendental Meditation technique, known as the siddhis (or TM-Sidhis as they were called in TM). The guinea-pigs on those courses were the trained teachers of TM.

Based on the results of those courses Maharishi decided that it was time to offer the TM-Sidhi programme to all TM meditators worldwide. For many of u s this would be an opportunity to expand our happiness further. I was one of the excited meditators who took the first worldwide TM-Sidhi course for meditators -- excited because these advanced techniques were said to bring even more profound changes than TM on its own. Another cause of excitement was the promise that we'd receive the technique for what has been termed Yogic Flying.

'Yogic Flying'

In Yogic Flying you sit on a floor that's covered with firm foam mattresses and use the Transcendental Meditation technique as usual. After TM, you then apply the yoga 'sutras' in the exact manner taught during the Sidhis course. The last sutra is the one everyone has been waiting for -- the 'flying sutra'. This may sound bizarre, but with this sutra, used in the way Maharishi has explained, the meditator does in fact lift off the mattress and plop down again. Once you're accustomed to this new experience it becomes quite easy and effortless to hop across an entire room with the floor suitably padded with foam mattresses. I know this for sure because I myself have done it many, many times.

What Yogic Flying feels like

Let me give you an idea of what it feels like. You're sitting there quietly in a group with others of the same gender, legs either crossed (as in my case) or in the lotus position (as in the case of those with legs that are flexible enough to do that). You use the flying sutra as taught. Then there's this feeling that you want to lift off. So you flow with the feeling and off you go, easily moving up and forwards through the air to bounce on the mattress a metre or two from where you started. Most often, once you're on the move you can just keep hopping across the room, even turning as necessary to avoid crashing into other yogic flyers. It's really quite exhilarating and one experiences happiness during the take-off and in-flight. And there's no need for an air hostess lecture about the use of seat belts or oxygen masks. So its a wonderful feeling of freedom and light movement. A group yogic flying session (which is done with they eyes open) would last about 10 or 15 minutes. Then we'd all lie down and rest quietly for a while with our eyes closed.

What yogic flying looks like (National Geographic)

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The Purpose of The TM-Sidhis Including Yogic Flying

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