The Self-Health Plan©

The Self-Health Plan© is an insightful step-by-step action plan that will take anyone towards better health and greater happiness. It is exclusive to and comes in seven weekly instalments.

True health does not just mean the absence of disease; it means the positive experience of well-being, vitality and happiness.

Spiralling health care costs are killing us (not to mention the medication)

Health care costs have been spiralling over recent decades. Medical aid schemes are crashing. The public is becoming more and more skeptical about the real benefits of modern curative medicine, and of costly medical insurance.

More and more, people are looking for ways to become less dependent on medicine and the treatment of illness and disease. People are looking for health. And more and more people are searching the Internet for cheap health insurance, individual health insurance plans, current health articles and other solutions to the health crisis facing modern society.

The Self-Health Plan© is one avenue that everyone would do well to explore in order to become more in charge of their own health.

Health fads come and go

This new health awareness has brought with it a massive growth in the health and fitness industry, where many entrepreneurs are seeing an opportunity to make a lot of money by seducing people into becoming dependent on other external "solutions" to their health problems.

Instead of running from doctor to doctor, from pill to pill, people are now being encouraged to run from fitness fad to fitness fad, from diet programme to diet programme, from supplement to supplement.

At last, a practical way out of this dilemma

Now, at last, there is a way to end this fruitless and costly search somewhere else for health, because now we have this all-natural Plan to promote better health.

This Plan does not involve pills, strenuous exercise programmes, or strict diets. It does not promote new fads, or require one to buy expensive "togs", exercise equipment or dietary preparations.

Yes, finally you have a do-it-yourself health development programme to improve your overall health by completely natural means - a programme that is based not on the latest fads or "scientific discoveries", but on the oldest wisdom of life itself - ayurveda - which is indeed coming to be understood today from a scientific perspective as well.

What is the Self-Health Plan©?

It is a unique step-by-step practical plan for personal health improvement by completely natural means.

The Plan is a D-I-Y action program based on profound insights from the oldest known system of natural health care, which has been researched by modern science and revived in recent decades.

This system, known as ayurveda, is recognised and sponsored by the World Health Organization.

These insights into the nature and functioning of the human body recognise that our body is in reality its own healer, its own promoter of health.

The Self-Health Plan© explains how you can give your body the right conditions to allow it to do its work more efficiently. The Plan shows you how to culture more balance in body and mind at the deepest level in your psycho-physiology.

What You'll Discover in the Self-Health Plan

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