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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

Comment: Scientists tell us that we as humankind use a very small percentage of our full human potential. We are not accessing the full extent of our inner creative intelligence. The problems of the world today have been created by that state of consciousness. As long as humankind continues to function from such an unenlightened state of consciousness, so will such problems continue. As old problems get resolved, new ones will take their place. That state of consciousness simply cannot lift humanity from the problems that keep getting created. Only a more enlightened collective consciousness can do so. We can each play a part in raising world consciousness by accessing our own inner resources daily, through an effective method for bringing out more and more of our innate creative intelligence. This is indeed quite a practical process, and it starts with each one of us. The process I myself use is called Conscious Mental Rest, and I use it twice every day.

Popular Quotations About Happiness

Henry Miller

Henry Miller
If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.

Comment: This is another profound statement. To clarify: ‘being’ is traditionally the term used to describe a state where one is not thinking, desiring, possessing or in any other way functioning in the realm of thought and relativity. It is a state in which one has gone beyond thought and is simply ‘being’. One is not aware of anything; one is simply aware. It is in fact the state of peace. It is in ‘being’ that one experiences the peace that passes all understanding. It is when one functions from that state that one can enjoy a life of peace and happiness. To be able to function from that state in a sustained manner requires that stresses be dissolved. The way to reach that state of stress-free clarity is to allow the nervous system to experience the state of ‘being’ regularly and then to alternate that experience with normal daily activity. In a nutshell, this means: transcend the thinking process every day and then get on with daily living in a natural and spontaneous way. Through the regular alternation between ‘being’ and activity, it is said that the nervous system gets cultured to sustain the state of being along with the other states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and deep sleep – so that one’s life is supported more fully by the inner field of creative intelligence. It sounds pretty complicated and esoteric, but essentially it means: allow the mind to rest each day while remaining awake, and then engage it in activity, without strain. Said another way: mediate daily and get on with your life.

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Bill Blackman
If you really want to be happy, always try to do what’s right.

Comment: The thing is, how do you know for sure what is right? Is it what others tell you is the right thing to do? Or is it what you feel inside you is the right thing to do? In my course Conscious Mental Attention I address this question at length and offer the answer as well as how to go about it.

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