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Unleashing mind power...
sounds so dramatic, and last century!

The term conjours up ideas of super-heroes with super powers, though not quite in the same category as Monty Python's Bicycle Repair Man.

Nevertheless, science does tell us that we use only a small percentage of our full human mental potential. So although unleashing mind power might sound a bit sensational, the fact remains that we hold in our minds an awesome power to which we have daily access.

I know this from personal experience with the so-named 'yogic flying technique' which brings short bursts of what some would call levitation. But I'd hardly call it 'unleashing mind power'. That term is just too crass for the sublime experience involved.

But to get back to the topic on the previous page, if we know what we want in our life, why is it that we often seem unable to have it? We desire something, we really, really want it, yet it doesn't come to us. Why? What is preventing us from unleashing mind power to get the kind of life we desire, with peace and happiness?

What are we doing 'wrong' with our attention?

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Why are we not effectively unleashing our mind power?

When there is something in your life situation that you do not like, you notice it.

And when there is something in your life situation that you really do not like, you really, really notice it. It's very much 'in your face'. And it can sometimes occupy a lot of your attention.

With people who constantly or forever seem not to have what they want, this is how the sequence of events usually occurs:

  • You notice the thing or the situation that you don't like, and your attention is automatically drawn to it.
  • Its presence in your life evokes a feeling or emotion that says, "I don't want this. I really don't need this in my life."
  • So, you give your attention to it, and at the same time you have a strong emotion about it.
Noticing what it is that you don't want or like is good. But it is only good if you make good use of that insight. Most people don't.

Most people allow their attention to stay focused on what they don't want. For example:

  • We mutter about it to ourselves.
  • We complain to the person responsible for the thing or situation, and then go on and on about it.
  • We usually bring our emotions into it too: we get angry, or depressed, disappointed, disheartened, self-condemning, critical of others, or whatever other emotion fits the situation we wish to have no more of.
  • We tell our friends about it, complain about it, bemoan it, and so on. Our friends may have similar situations in their own lives, so we all add to one another's unsatisfied feelings. We have a real good gripe session.
  • We may think this helps; we now feel justified in having those feelings, because others have them too.
  • If it's an important issue, we may even form groups to tackle the unwanted situation:
    - Let's start an anti-this or that protest.
    - Let's create a facebook group to lobby against this, or against that.
In effect, what are we doing if we respond in this way to what we don't want? We are giving more attention to it, that's what we're doing.

And what does that result in? It means we enliven what we don't want and bring more of it into our lives.

So, instead of ridding ourselves of the unwanted situation, our attention to it, coupled with the vibration of our emotions, brings us even more of it.

This is how undesirable situations perpetuate themselves. Human attention to what is not wanted simply enlivens it and brings more of it or, at best, keeps it going. What we are actually doing is unleashing mind power, but in the wrong direction.

We're powerfully attracting the very thing we don't want, simply because that is what we are giving our attention to. It is just sooo simple! Yet most of us miss this simple truth about how it all works. So, here's the important point to remember:

IMPORTANT: Whatever we give our attention to, we enliven and bring into our life - whether it is something we desire, or something we don't want.

Where does your society place its attention?

This principle - or natural law - doesn't apply only to individuals. It works in whole societies too. And the media do a pretty good job of bringing into our lives all the unwanted stuff that is going on in the world. In so doing, they are encouraging more human attention to be given to it.

This is unleashing mind power on a global basis. And it is mostly done in ignorance, often with a self-righteous belief that it is indeed helping to bring about a better world. On the contrary, it is simply perpetuating what is.

Many people see this media attention as a good thing. After all, if something gets attention, something will be done about it as a result. But … has this worked in the realm of crime? … rape? … terrorism? … lawlessness? As Dr Phil would ask: How's that workin' for ya?

What we give our attention to is enlivened, and it grows in the lives of those whose attention is given to it. And as we are all part of a collective consciousness, no one escapes the consequences to some extent of what society as a whole gives its attention to.

What can we do about it the social context?

We can strengthen our own resilience to collective consciousness, if we choose to. One way, of course, is to use a method that taps into our inner resources daily, and enlivens that aspect of our consciousness for a more effective experience in daily living. And Conscious Mental Rest© is one such method. Or, many people use an effective meditation technique for this purpose.

This is, in effect, unleashing mind power, and doing so in a very subtle and yet very effective way.

An additional effective approach we can take is to be vigilant about what we give much of our attention to, be it in the newspapers, on TV or on the car radio. (To read some additional comments about this, click here.)

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