Use The Universal Law Of Attraction
To Your Deliberate Advantage

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Conscious Mental Attention free online mini-course on the Law of Attraction

Example of the Universal Law of Attraction in action

Have you ever thought about replacing your motor vehicle with a new one, or another pre-owned one? - or of buying a washing machine, a lounge suite, or a fridge? Or have you ever started looking at courses you could study, or at schools your child could attend?

Marta in her new car she manifested through the Universal Law of Attraction

Once you start giving the subject of your interest some attention, have you noticed how all of a sudden more of that topic attracts more of your attention?

You start noticing in more detail the various car models that pass you by. You become more aware of the prices of different models in the newspapers, and so on.

It's as if you've decided to place your attention on a particular subject and the universal law of attraction is attracting more and more of that subject into your awareness.

This effect extends beyond just your own thoughts

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine As an external extension to that process, it's as if your attention is even projecting this thought vibration out into your environment, so that the actual physical version of what is 'lively' in your awareness is brought towards you.

In essence this is what positive thinking philosophy is based upon. Continuously think positively about what you desire and it will be attracted and manifested in your life.

So why doesn't it work for everyone who tries it?

This of course is the confounding question many people have. Why is it that some of the 'stuff' we have in our lives is clearly not what we truly desire?

And for many, they believe they are constantly affirming what they desire, yet they stay stuck in that which they do not want - be it lack of money, poor health, unsatisfactory relationships, or whatever.

Again, the answer lies in our attention. We may have the INtention for something different, but where are we focusing most of our ATtention?

The solution is in sight!

Herein lies an elusive principle, and we're going to unravel it in a moment, and come up with the solution.

But first let's explore the nature of desire itself, and the nature of human life in relation to desire, because it is in the desiring of something that we need to be smarter in the way we offer our attention.

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