Beware The Power Of Negative Thinking

(The Universal Law Of Attraction Is 'Watching You!)

The power of negative thinking

The term the power of positive thinking may leave one with the impression that only positive thinking is powerful, because it can bring us the life situation we desire and all the good stuff the abundance gurus talk about.

However, the truth is that all thinking - and attitude, attention and feeling - is powerful, because what we give our attention to is what we enliven in our own lives. (See the section on Conscious Mental Attention©.)

So, while not being a positive thinker will certainly stop the good things from showing up in our lives, thinking negatively is just as powerful. But it brings to us the kinds of things we don't want - whether it be people, situations, sickness, being mugged, unhappiness, or anything else we'd rather not have in our lives.

This website is about happiness and how to be happy

So, become friends with the power of positive thinking and deliberately and consciously turn away from the power of negative thinking.

Use your attention wisely

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineOur attention and our thinking enliven whatever we consistently focus on, which is then drawn to us - by us. We do it ourselves, by courtesy of the way our universe works.

Positive thinking draws the good stuff. And hrough the power of negative thinking we draw to us the opposite. It's our own choice which one we want to have as our continual habit.

Step One for tapping into the power of positive thinking

Having a positive attitude starts with the unfolding of the largely untapped potential of our own creative consciousness, which we can consciously access at the point where the mind is silent yet awake.

Millions of people around the world engage in one of other form of meditation to access the quiet consciousness within. If you're not yet one of those, then I recommend that you seriously consider taking up such a daily practice.

Search the Internet, ask others, get recommendations, and find some effective meditation techniques to choose from - methods that take the mind beyond the surface level of thinking and simply culturing peaceful moods, to increasingly quieter states of functioning.

After 30-plus years of using the most scientifically researched meditation technique available in the world today, I myself later switched over to my own method which I call Conscious Mental Rest©. You're welcome to try it for yourself.

So, that's step number one in accessing the power of positive thinking.

Step Two for cultivating the power of positive thinking

Deliberately follow the principles of Conscious Mental Attention©. This includes enlivening in your awareness and in your habits the three important qualities for expanding happiness further. These are:




All three of the above habits automatically harness the power of positive thinking for us, and the third one, appreciation, is particularly useful as a solution for how to stay positive.

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