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Is having an attitude of gratitude important?

When it comes to experiencing a better life, Gratitude is considered to be a 'biggie'. Some of the self-improvement gurus even talk about a Law of Gratitude. Many people keep a daily gratitude journal in which they write up a gratitude list of things to be grateful for that day. And apparently lots of people carry a gratitude rock in their pocket to remind them to express gratitude during the day.

The vibration of gratitude

It is said that having an attitude of gratitude carries with it a vibration that raises one's own power of positive thinking so that we attract towards us all things good. Our desires are more easily fulfilled, and we experience a happier and healthier life.

Some would regard this as New Age thinking, and dismiss it out of hand. Some believers would say, 'deny it or try it'.

But does it work?

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineI myself like to put theories and philosophies to the test in practical terms. If it sounds logical, then I would be prepared to test it and make my own mind up once I've experienced the effects.

And that is what I want to do in this discussion: offer you the opportunity to test something for yourself. But first…

Some 'difficulties' with the concept being grateful

Some people I've known have struggled to come to terms with the notion of having an attitude to gratitude, and for various reasons. For example, they might ask…

  • But who must I be grateful to? I worked hard myself for what I am and what I have today. So who must I thank?
  • You mean I must thank God? I'm not even sure that I believe there is a God.
  • I can accept the idea of thanking someone for helping me with something, or doing me a favour. But what about all this other stuff I am supposed to be thankful for? What about this Gratitude Journal that people say I should write in every evening before going to sleep? I just don't get it. I don't see the practical benefits.

Without sincerity and feeling is just hollow and meaningless

I can understand such concerns and the people who have expressed them in words along the lines written above. You see, if you do not feel grateful, or do not see the need for it, then it is false gratitude. That's like saying 'sorry' when you don't actually mean it.

Such thinking can actually do more harm than good, if it is not true and sincere. The person receiving the apology can sense that it is simply being mouthed without sincerity. And the person apologising likewise knows it's fake. So what are they doing? They're moving away from their own personal integrity, not towards it. And personal is an important aspect of Self-Alignment© which is the master key to happiness.

An alternative to having an attitude of gratitude

So, for those who have difficulty relating to all this gratitude stuff, read on. There is another way to start creating the same kinds of benefits as provided by constantly having an attitude of gratitude in life. But first…

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