The Subtle Consciousness Shift
During Conscious Mental Rest

An effortless consciousness shift starts to occur

As the mind settles down, it seems to appreciate the calmer and more comfortable state of these subtler levels of mental activity. So it is drawn further inwards towards even more subtle and quieter levels of consciousness, towards the source of happiness within.

Intuitively the mind knows that more of this comfort and peace of mind can be found at even subtler levels of mental activity. So, it is automatically and naturally drawn inwards in a gentle consciousness shift and maintains this tendency to move towards the very source of thought itself, where awareness no longer needs an object of awareness.

The mind is content with simply being aware within (not ‘of’) itself – what is sometimes referred to as Self-awareness, or pure consciousness, or simply being; being in the Now, the timeless present.

The mind seeks pure consciousness

At this most subtle level, consciousness is simply conscious, with nothing to be conscious of – it is pure consciousness; self-sufficient; whole; complete. Its nature is beyond word descriptions, so we won’t even attempt to explain or describe it. We can only be it. And when we are it, we cannot describe it. As soon as we want to describe it, we are already out of it.

It is often only once we have come back to the grosser levels of mental activity – the level of thinking – that we know, with hindsight, that we have been in that state; that we have had some kind of consciousness shift while sitting there having Conscious Mental Rest©. Or perhaps we check our watch are surprised that what seemed like a few minutes at most was actually ten of fifteen minutes.

Suffice it to say that, with the correct guidance as given in the CMR course, the mind is naturally and automatically drawn towards this quiet and settled state of comfort, with no effort on our part.

Any effort we make hinders the process

Effort is an obstacle to this process, and that is where many systems have missed the point. They have their basis misguidedly on some kind of effort, with self-discipline and mastery being thought to be the key. Or there is some kind of goal that must be attained during the session. This comment relates also to many forms or techniques of ‘meditation’.

This is why in CMR we have been very cautious about any reference to the term ‘meditation’, because this opens up avenues for misunderstanding about the process of Conscious Mental Rest itself. It is not a ‘meditation technique’ in the sense that most people would think of meditation. Yet its results in daily living are what many meditation techniques are striving to attain.

Stress release is part of the process

In its purest state – in an individual with no stress – it has been described as the ‘peace that passes all understanding’. However, most of us are not stress-free.

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