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Transcendental MeditationTM works, no doubt about it. The technique definitely enables one to tap into the home of happiness within.

And the 'advanced' TM-Sidhi programme takes it up a notch or three - no doubt about that either. I do not regret having learnt TM or the TM-Sidhis. I enjoyed many good years on the programme, including being on meditation weekends with TM teachers and other TM meditators.

I am aware, however, that some people have concerns about the Eastern origins of TM. And some have other doubts and mistrusts about the motives of the TM organization, feeling that it is trying to propagate Hinduism in the guise of a non-religious technique of meditation.

I meditated with TM for several decades, and I am still not a Hindu. Nor am I a Buddhist.

If anything, Transcendental MeditationTM enriched the spiritual aspect of my life simply by enabling me to transcend thought on a daily basis and tap into that more sublime state of awareness deep within me. It helped me to 'be still and know'.

When it comes to the TM organization, its Eastern Vedic origins or the sometimes unusual tendencies of its organization, each person must make up their own mind.

For myself, I have always known that I'm big enough and strong enough to look after my own psyche and spiritual growth. So none of that stuff really bothered me. I trust my own conscience and 'inner voice' enough not to live in such fear.

In the 'teachings of Abraham', no one else can create in your own reality. Only you can, and do.

The technique worked. And I did not feel the need to get drawn into the TM organization or its culture. I have remained my own person and taken from the 'system' what worked for me.

I now use Conscious Mental Rest©

Gavin Hoole - Owner of and Founder of Conscious Mental Rest

After 30 years or so of using the Transcendental MeditationTM technique - and the TM-Sidhi programme - I myself have adopted an even simpler method that seems to me to be as good as the TM technique. I call it Conscious Mental Rest© (CMR).

My opinion that CMR is as effctive for me as TM is based on my subjective experience of the process of CMR and its effects in daily life. No scientific research has been conducted on CMR at this time. If some qualified individual/s at some stage wish to conduct such research, the results will be published on this website.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineAnother factor that should be considered in this regard is that I had experienced Transcendental MeditationTM for many years before I started having Conscious Mental Rest© instead. So my nervous system was already familiar with the experience of more refined states of consciousness. That might well be a reason why CMR works so well for me.

However, the feedback I have received from 'non-meditators', and also from people who have used other types of meditation such as Buddhist meditation, and then started using Conscious Mental Rest©, suggests that CMR is indeed effecive for anyone, not only TMers.

If you're thinking of learning some form of meditation, you're most welcome to learn Conscious Mental Rest© via the downloadable course I offer on this website.

In concluding this section about TM ...

I hope these Web pages about Transcendental MeditationTM and the TM-Sidhi programme, from a non-aligned individual's perspective, have given you some insights of value. If new thoughts about TM occur to me, I will update these pages accordingly.
A meditation researcher's website

David Orme-Johnson, PhD One of the principal researchers in the world on meditation (not just TM) and its effects, is David Orme-Johnson, PhD. David has a website which he introduces as being an "expression of my own understanding and personal experiences, stated as candidly and as clearly as I can."

Among his qualifications for discussing Transcendental Meditation, David mentions: "having over 100 publications, mostly in peer-reviewed journals, and I have been asked to review the meditation research on chronic pain and insomnia by a National Institute of Health Technology Assessment conference, for example.

"I have traveled to over 56 countries to speak on the research on meditation to scientific conferences, the public, the press, program directors, government officials, members of Congress, parliaments, heads of state, and the United Nations.

"In addition, I personally know and have worked with many of the primary researchers on various meditation techniques. Through my years of doing meditation research I have come to know well the other researchers and administrators of the TM organization and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

"I have inside knowledge of how the TM movement works. I am in a unique position, due to my personal and professional experience, to be able to provide an informed perspective on the questions raised."

Here the link to David Orme-Johnson's website: The Truth About TM

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