The Purpose of Human Life

Experiencing and Expanding Happiness

The Purpose of Human Life
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The Purpose of Life

Creation results from the stirring within absolute bliss consciousness

We can consider creation in the same way as the bath-time analogy on the previous page.

All That Is (some use the word God) wants to experience its 'is-ness', which is absolute bliss, at a level we cannot yet fully comprehend. To do so, absolute bliss consciousness stirs within its own infinite self and creates the field of multitudinous form. Creation, the universe, thus comes into being.

The purpose of human life

In his book, The Science of Being and Art of Living, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi writes:
Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life, and evolution is the process by which it is fulfilled. The significance and purpose of individual life is the same as that of cosmic life. The difference is one of scale.
(See Happiness Quotes )

From Being, creation comes into being

Source manifests as form so that it can expand its own bliss-nature outwards in waves upon waves of vibration and eternal ‘becoming’ more.

In this way Source experiences more of its own nature, in an expressed or manifested way. This manifests in the variety that exists on all levels of creation – some of which we can see or perceive, and some of which are out of the range of our physical senses of perception.

It stands to reason, then, that every fabric of life everywhere, no matter what form it takes, must automatically be imbued with the bliss-consciousness of its source – from the smallest and faintest non-material expression to the largest and grossest expression we physical humans can perceive, such as the planets and universes, and what lies beyond.

Expansion of happiness is at many levels

With expansion of happiness being the purpose of human life, this means that we as human beings have a hugely important role to play in the expansion of source bliss itself. And it means we should find it quite natural and easy to experience and add to our own happiness as we live our lives.

Then why don't we?

The state of our nervous system – on the purity-versus-stress scale – determines how often and to what degree we are able to experience our own happy nature. (I know this to be true, from my personal experiences.)

In our day-to-day vocabulary we don't often speak about bliss. We generaly refer to our good feelings as feelings of happiness, or joy.

Happiness is experienced at different levels: excitement, joy, jump-up-and-down happy feelings, exhilaration, contentment, abiding love, to mention just a few.

Essentially these are all different shades and depths of the core bliss within us. Pure bliss is simply filtered through our body chemistry, our nervous system, and is experienced in all its shades and intensities.

The quality of our experience of bliss, or joy, is dependant upon the purity of our psycho-physiology. Stress, for example, diminishes our experience of bliss.

When we have these feelings of happiness, no matter how they come to us, we are at that moment expressing the purpose of human life.

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