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Follow Your Bliss (Part 2)
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Conscious Mental Attention free online mini-course on the Law of Attraction

Follow your bliss:
a summary of Conscious Mental Attention©

  1. Experience Conscious Mental Rest© twice every day, as taught in the CMR course. Or, if you're already using an effective meditation technique, be regular with that - every day.
  2. Culture the habit of noticing your feelings, and as soon as something does not feel good inside, shift your attention to whatever feels better, and continue like that if necessary, each time moving towards a better feeling. Happiness is feeling good. To feel good, follow your bliss. Shift your awareness - your thoughts, speech and behaviour - in that direction.

That's all. That's it.
That's how to follow your bliss.
That's paving the way for a better life.

CMR and CMA working hand in hand like this will help you to move more and more towards the kind of life you desire - a life of more happiness and better health.

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But wait! There's more!

Introducing the Self-Alignment© Course
to accelerate the expansion of happiness

You've just been through the basic free course in Conscious Mental Attention©. It has pointed the way for how to follow your bliss - how to be happy.

If you follow the guidelines given in this mini-course you'll be well on your way to a happier and healthier life.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine

If you want to take this life-journey to another level, then the Self-Alignment© Course is the way to go.

Like Conscious Mental Rest©, the Self-Alignment© course is very easy and can be learned via downloadable audio files, as soon as the course becomes available. It represents the formula for how to follow your bliss in really practical terms.

The Self-Alignment© programme will not involve spending time throughout the day repeating affirmations. Most times people forget to do this anyway, so those kinds of programmes have limited value.

The Self-Alignment© Course described

As explained elsewhere on this site, moving towards Self-Alignment© is the master key to happiness. This consists of two doable keys or habits to follow:

  1. Allow time every day for some mental stillness.
  2. Follow your inner 'voice' that speaks to you through your feelings.
The first of these is easily accomplished through Conscious Mental Rest©.

The second one is what has been described to some extent in this mini-course about Conscious Mental Attention©.

In the Self-Alignment© Programme these two doable keys are integrated into one single daily routine that takes roughly 30 minutes twice a day. Outside those two sessions we just get on with living life in the way we choose.

There's no need for fridge magnets or desk cards to remind us of superficial affirmations we have to repeat. We just give ourselves about 30 minutes in the morning, and again in the late afternoon or early evening, and that's it.

Concerned about how you'll find the time to fit this in?

People who are serious about improving their lives will easily be able to set the time aside for two sessions a day for this purpose.

We have 24 hours at our disposal every day. Approximately 8 of these are taken up by sleep, an essential aspect in the balance between rest and activity. That leaves 12 hours remaining. Of these, about 8 hours we devote to working in order to provide food, shelter and our chosen lifestyle.

So, now we have, say, 8 remaining hours in which to relax, exercise, cook, eat, shower, and spend 'leisure time' goggling at the TV and doing other stuff.

All that is necessary is to cut that time back to 7 hours to give us just one hour of 'me' time per day to focus on enhancing the quality of our lives from within. If we cannot do that, then that's a sad situation indeed.

What you'll learn in the Self-Alignment© Course

You'll learn:
  • The three essential human qualities that support the expansion of happiness
  • How to enliven these qualities in yourself so that they are more lively in your awareness all the time, instead of lying there partially dormant except when there is a crisis
  • How to become more alert at noticing your inner prompts and the feelings that guide you towards 'right action' that results in the expansion of your own happiness
  • How to take advantage of the benefits gained during Conscious Mental Rest© to add power to your application of the Universal Law of Attraction in order to draw towards you the kind of life you desire
  • How to do all of this in just two 30-minute sessions of Self-Alignment© every day, and then get on with enjoying life and seeing the quality of your life unfold in front of your eyes


I really don't like sounding like a salesman and trying to convince people to take yet another course. So I invite you to read what others say about their own experiences with the core aspect of Self-Alignment©.

To do so, click here to access some of the testimonials about Conscious Mental Rest©. Also, feel free to check out the postings on the CMR Forum too. Then make up your own mind for what is right for you.

Summary of how to follow your bliss

The Self-Alignment© programme is the combination of both sides of the self-improvement coin. My own teacher used to say:
Meditate and do what you know to be right.

Now we have the opportunity to learn how to know and do what we know to be right. Together, these two aspects - CMR and CMA - form the basis of unlocking your happiness from within: the process of consciously and deliberately moving towards Self-Alignment©.

I hope to see you participate in the Self-Alignment© course - once it is made available via this website - so that you can move forward to a happier and healthier life and truly follow your bliss.

Stay informed about new courses and updates to this website

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine To be informed when this advanced course becomes available, be sure you are subscribed to the free monthly e-zine, Happiness Hub. Note too, because of the nature of the Self-Alignment Course©, it will only be available to people who have been regularly enjoying daily Conscious Mental Rest©.

So, if you're not yet having daily Conscious Mental Rest©, now might be a good time to learn CMR from the downloadable audio course.

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