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One of my stress tips is to get more exercise - and a swimpool is a great way to do that.

On several of the pages that offer specific stress tips on this site, the first of such stress relief tips is often to "adopt the general stress management strategy applicable for all kinds of stress".

Well, here is that general strategy of basic stress tips.

1: Attend to the specific stressors themselves

Take immediate, appropriate action to reduce as far as possible the source and the impact of those stressors that particularly affect you, as a unique individual. For example:

  • Change your circumstances, environment and/or habits (e.g. if night-time noise is the problem, wear ear plugs when you go to bed at night).
  • If some specific person is the source of the stressors (e.g. frequent loud noise from the neighbour, barking dogs, work situations) speak to that person about your problem to see if some changes can be made for a win-win solution.

    Try to do this in a peaceful and harmonious way so that you don't create even more stress for yourself through adrenaline-pumping confrontation. Don't go guns-blazing at them as if it's all their fault. Explain your experience about it and how you need to sort it out somehow, and you hope they can help you.

    Obviously every situation is different, and softly-softly is not always the best route. But stay dignified and as calm as possible, so that in the end you don't feel that you are the one who 'lost' the cool, and now regret it ... which will add even more stress to your life.

These immediate actions to address the specific stressors are the kinds of stress tips that stress management gurus typically recommended. They primarily address the stressors themelves, not the stress response of the individual concerned.

More of such stress management tips are given on separate pages related to each particular kind to stressor - e.g. financial stress, deadlines stress, and so on.

However, quite often, what causes a strong stress response in one person isn't even noticed by another, because everyone is different and we all respond differently to our environment. So it is also important to pay attention to your own mind-body system so that it can handle stress more effectively.

2: Improve your body's ability to handle daily stressors more easily

Make some definite and planned changes in your lifestyle that will help your body to cope more efficiently with the daily stressors that impact on you - specifically:

  • Get more exercise
    Physical exertion, even just a little more than usual, helps to release stress hormones from the body and is one of the most important of the basic stress tips.

    There's no need to go overboard and stress yourself out with fatigue. Just make an effort to get extra daily physical exertion in the form of some activity you enjoy. Walking itself is a great stress fixer.

  • Improve your diet
    Do what is necessary to have a balanced diet every day. Also, consider taking natural food supplements as may be necessary in order to strengthen your immune system.
  • Check out my Self-Health PlanTM
    Self-Health Plan personalised DIY health promotion action plan Creating more balance in your psycho-physiology is important, especially if your mind-body type is prone to anxiety, worry and stress. The Self-Health Plan TM is a very useful source of information, with a workable DIY action plan that you can tailor to your own needs and your own body-type.

3: Get rid of old accumulated deep-rooted stresses

Do something that will actually release stresses caused by past overloads to your mind-body system - specifically:

  • Use an effective meditation method daily
    Choose one that appeals to you, but make sure it is effective. Some techniques tend to give superficial rest and relaxation, and are not particularly effective is providing the deep state of rest necessary for the dissolving of stress.

    You can read up about three methods that I can personally vouch for on my page of meditation techniques that work. The method I myself use is called Conscious Mental RestTM and you can learn Phase One of CMRTM via this website.

  • Make adjustments to your attitudes and thought patterns
    Constant attention and resistance to things that stress you tends to enliven more of the essence of those things in your life. In other words, if you continue to focus on what you don't like, you will have more of that in your life. This is the basis of the 'Law of Attraction'.

    Rather place your attention and desires on what it is you do enjoy and wish for. If you do this consistently, over time those qualities will be enlivened and invited into your life and you'll find yourself moving spontaneously from stress to happiness.

    In my course that I am developing - called Conscious Mental AttentionTM - I will go into this in more detail.

    If you'd like to be advised when this course becomes available, subscribe to my periodic e-zine, which is absolutely free

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Follow other stress tips for specific stressors that affect you

The stress tips covered on this page represent a general strategy to address a wide variety of stressors - both external and internal.

Follow these suggestions as your foundation for becoming less stressed, and add to them anything else that will help you in respect of any particular area of stress in your life.

Stress tips for specific causes of stress are given on other pages.

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