The Universal Law Of Attraction

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Conscious Mental Attention free online mini-course on the Law of Attraction

The two keys to happiness

The Universal Law of Attraction is put into practical use in this mini-course for helping happiness along through the effective use of your attention as you go about your daily living.

It is best if you complement the simple habits explained here with regular twice-daily sessions of Conscious Mental Rest©.

Like Conscious Mental Rest©, this knowledge is simple yet very profound in its effects. If you apply this approach in your daily life it can make a really significant difference to the quality of your life, and to your happiness, health and vitality. I invite you to try it for yourself and see if you agree. Feedback will be welcomed.

I describe this approach as being the other side of the coin that is the formula for happy living – Self-Alignment©. The prime key to happiness is Conscious Mental Rest©. The flipside of the coin is what I call Conscious Mental Attention©.

Making theory become practical

There are a lot of philosophies and theories regarding the use of human attention, and a lot of esoteric beliefs and pronouncements. People talk about Natural Law, and about a Universal Law of Attraction. This is a law that is said to govern the principle that like attracts like: that when we think about something, our thinking attracts the essence of more or the same. Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine

There is also the generally held assertion that everything in existence is, in essence, simply vibration, and that every entity is an aspect of the vibrational universe in which we live.

While some insightful people may well say they know this to be true, the vast majority of people may feel that although the idea sounds feasible, they’re really not sure if it’s true.

I'd rather not deal here with what some might consider to be pure speculation, or some unproven beliefs about a so-called Universal Law of Attraction. I would prefer it if we could try to build on what many people have actually noticed in their own lives and can therefore nod their heads in agreement to.

That way most people can, to some extent at least, consider some of the principles to be feasible enough to warrant trying them out in practice, even if just to test whether or not they are valid.

Observable tendencies in human beings

So let’s begin by identifying a few tendencies that are observable in our own lives, or in the lives of our own society, which might suggest that there could in fact be some validity in the existence of a universal law of attraction. We can then speculate a little about what those tendencies might imply. The next step would be to see what happens if we take those speculations and try them out in our own lives and see what results we get.

Have you ever heard someone say, in regard to some undesirable or frightening possibility, something like one of the following statements?

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