Learning Transcendental Meditation:
Something Definitely Felt Different

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Learning Transcendental Meditation: my first instruction session

As I was learning Transcendental Meditation, after the customary initiation ceremony, my first thought was: You mean this is all it is? And we need a course to learn this simple technique? It almost seemed ridiculous.

Anyway, at the end of the session which lasted about 15 or 20 minutes, the teacher guided me out of the session, and after a couple of minutes my eyes were open again.

Something definitely felt different

I knew that I had just experienced something unusual while I had been sitting there on the chair with my eyes closed. But I could not put my finger on it.

I just knew that in this first session of learning Transcendental Meditation I had experienced a state of consciousness that felt pleasant, relaxing and uplifting. I felt good. I felt happy.

I left Day 1 of the guided meditation course feeling pleased that I had decided to learn Transcendental Meditation.

There were two more sessions to attend, on the next two evenings, to be followed by a fourth session ten days later to check that I was still using the technique correctly and without effort or strain.

I completed the whole course like a very good student and went on to enjoy many years of regular TM twice a day.

I learn some TM 'advanced techniques'

A couple of years later I paid the course fee again to learn what in TM they call an advanced technique, which is based on the original TM mantra meditation.

There were, at that time, several such advanced techniques. You could only learn an advanced technique if you had been meditating twice a day for about two years, or so (if I remember correctly).

To be honest, I can't say whether that first advanced technique really made a difference for me. And the 'technique' was somewhat surprisingly almost a non-technique. It was simply a very, very small tweak in the way the mantra is thought. It was almost as if one extra consonant had been added to the first syllable of my two-syllable mantra.

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