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Not everything is black and white. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of grey.
- Sean Aloysius Muha http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

John A. CappelanoEgo is the last defense of the mediocre.
- John A. Cappelano http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Wherever we came from...we were packed,tightly.
- John A. Cappelano http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Will I just have to settle with the fact that I always feel like I'm just settling.
- Edna Seymour http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The chance of life origination on any planet is as fortuitous as the chances of a sperm resulting in fertilization every time intercourse in performed.
- Karan Sharma http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Free will is always frowned upon.
- Karan Sharma http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Is that a life worth living, always knowing that pain is around the corner and not really enjoying anything because you already know what's coming next?
- Fotini http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

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A person's true strength cannot be determined on how well and strong he fights, but rather on how great his willingness is to protect someone even if it means sacrificing his own self.
- Joseph Valdez http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

GagandeepHard work is the only thing in this world that never lets you down. If it does, then its Not Hard work. It means work Hard!
- Gagandeep http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The opinion of the majority (otherwise called democracy) cannot serve as a measure of truth.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

You cannot have time to think about the future when the present is slipping from under your feet.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

In order that my reason should triumph, I require that my neighbours should recognize it to be their reason as well.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The crowd is no more than a totality of eiphers, the significance of which depends only on the ideals of the hero who gives the lead.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

In any business transaction, one does not get what he/she paid for but what one negotiated for.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The World is full of scholars in all fields but none of them could be more relevant than the timeless scholar called History.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Education is only but a tool to create opportunities.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The best teacher in the midst of calamities could be History, because it teaches us how other fellow humans reacted under a certain circumstances.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Men may not get all they pay for in this world, but must certainly pay for all they get.
- Oscar Okwaro Plato http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Lightning at NightThe lightning struck the sky not to awaken the dead but for the wise to make them see the thunder and realise it would rain soon after the dark hollow night of summer.
- Megha Suri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

True wisdom is the ability to see past the limitations of knowledge. Insanity is knowing too much, sanity is knowing too much about nothing important.
- C. David Fixman http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The beautiful thing about dance is the better it is, the more you can't decide whether the dancer is the master of the music, or a slave to it.
- Chase Knight http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Nature's Canvas: Imagine the beautiful things we miss every day as we go about our lives. Imagine if we were to stop and gaze upon nature instead of raising our hands to block the rays of sun and missing that one second in time never to return again.
- Daniel Lepley http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The difference between a task and activity is our own emotion.
- Costas Vlahos http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

when you do something good with some people, they react well;
when you do something good with some people, you see no reaction;
when you something good with others, they react basely!
Don't ask them why!
WHATEVER the reaction is, be yourself, BE GOOD!
- Mamoon Khamis Jadallah http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Take on life's complicated matters but with a glance, the unnecessary evils push aside. The ones that make a difference bring to heart and mind.
- Jeanine Ackaoui http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

A smile can reach someone more than a touch,
A touch can reach someone more than words can say.
Be kind and say few words.
- Jeanine Ackaoui http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

A beautiful butterfly can only be revealed when the caterpillar is ready to let go of the past and break free of its cocoon.
- Donna Letterio-Garofolo http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The choice is yours...you can live your life dreaming or you can live the life you dreamed of; either way you can choose to be happy.
- Donna Letterio-Garofolo http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Picture of Life: Only what you choose to see appears to exist.
- Donna Letterio-Garofolo http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Reflection of You: When you see someone struggling for an abundant life...want it for them, they are the part of you that does not yet realize they deserve it. When you see someone living an abundant life...be happy for them, they are the part of you that knows they deserve it.
- Donna Letterio-Garofolo http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Life was getting colorless; so, I order some new turbans.
- Bhavpreet Singh Narang http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Time is insensitive, it bears no malice or favor; you cannot sneak up behind it, or ambush it. Your only choice is to reach far to your end of it.
- Ed Wachtel http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Debating - Trying to make an argument without facts is like trying to breathe under water; sooner or later you are going to run out of air.
- Glenn Rosado http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Never say never because you never know.
- Peter Zemek http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Amit Dey Philosophical QuotePatience is the most important driver that leads to success.
- Amit Dey http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Pity the organization that favors friendly incompetence over stern intelligence.
- William Nathan Stramonine http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The world is full of spirituality but should not be defined by any deity; our perception needs to change and the world will open up.
- S.V.Steele http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The reason there is more than one political party in any country is to make you believe you have a choice when in reality they all have the same agenda.
- S.V.Steele http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Vijay Samuel BenjaminYour rewards in life are determined by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Every Interaction is an Opportunity
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Ideas that do not get into action are merely fantasies.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Idol worship is worshiping, adoring, gossiping, boasting or even being caught-up with anything that is created.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Ordinary people live life wanting, all their life. Successful people are willing to work for all their wants.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The New Year is what you make out of it... it does not come with goodies but with Hope to create Opportunities.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

When you compare yourself with others, you degrade yourself and insult your creator.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

When you sing to people, you are an entertainer... but when you sing to God, you are a Worshipper.
- Vijay Samuel Benjamin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

On Money and Happiness

To understand the true link between money and happiness we need to study and understand relationships. As we become wealthier at co-dependency we have a tendency to become more unhappy. As we become wealthier at interdependency we are unaffected by one another's wealth and the desire to build wealth and improve our life becomes a driving force for the ego and helps us reach happiness.
- Stephen Ripszam http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Our lives are but a drop of water in the ocean of time.
- Clive Judd http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

We are but guardians of this earth, but to whom is it that we guard from? - Ourselves.
- Clive Judd http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Quotationist Definition

Steve FowlerIf a quotationist who uses the words and thoughts of others to make quotes is a 'Narrow intellectual', then a quotationist who uses their own words and thoughts to make quotes is a broad-minded intellectual.
- Steve Fowler http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Best to trivialise things

Always trivialise things; because taking things serious is what makes things serious.
- Steve Fowler http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

One betrayer is all it takes to destroy an empire.
- Kamal http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf


Sarah Sisson Philosophical QuotesA false argument is one with no thorough plan. A false argument can boost overall morale of those who support it. Then they will transfer the morale into all the faith of the world. Once you are exposed as falsely empowered with no plan you become the argument.
- Sarah Sisson http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Purity A rare quality in humans you may find is someone pure of heart. Purity is not terminated by mistakes or even sin. Purity results in the ability to offer admissions and transfer true emotion. These admissions and emotions are a definitive qualification for one who is truly honest and very brave.
- Sarah Sisson http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf


Especially in youth, experiencing common happenings is socially controlled gratification. Without this establishment one may find troubles in work, love and play. Integration and social establishment deprivation is bedrock for artistic uniqueness, a trait that is not always respected for it goes against this integration of humanity that almost all have mundane bliss with. Therefore, if sought for sanity, the nonconformist may choose to achieve the advantageous knowledge of integration if they develop the artistic uniqueness into observations and become more apt to step outside the painful isolation of themselves.
- Sarah Sisson http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Respect From Peers

Occupational respect and trust from peers results in allowing those peers to speak to others of what is pertinent to their own account of one’s observed abilities, rather than the one explaining themselves prior to the spontaneous or instinctive accomplishment.
- Sarah Sisson http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf


An understanding and the quality of recognizing spacial attributes very well may eliminate the need for the memorization of complicated mathematics. Due to the difficulty of retaining these mathematical explanations of elements, dimensional observations involving some accuracy are, in fact, higher formats for existing. An estimation is exponentially superior to given statements that are altered by calculated variables.
- Sarah Sisson http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

These original philosophical quotes have been
authored by visitors to this website

Never Good Enough - Morgan M.In the world’s eyes, I will forever not be good enough. Forever fail. Forever be looked down upon because someone else is better. So thank GOD I serve a higher purpose, a better cause, and something worth serving -- God Himself. And no matter what my performance is, as long as my heart is in it, it's always good enough for Him.
- Morgan M. http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf


We are the next generation. We are the ones who will run this country and this world. Every available tip given to us from this current generation will be to our benefit.
- John J. Coughlin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The past and future

To state where one is going is to first state where one has been. - John J. Coughlin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Success can only be measured in the number of your own failures. - John J. Coughlin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Nawaid M SabriLife is a mirage; we run for it in the glare of our never ending desires. But it vanishes right at the edge when we start thinking that we are about to grab it in its true sense, leaving 'Death' as its ultimate reality.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

If you think that you are wise; give due consideration to people's advices and ideas. It will make you wiser and will lead to better decisions.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Social transformation is required if you have started avoiding people for some inexplicable reasons.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Technology has blessed us by eliminating the pain of distances. Now we can virtually fly through so many mediums to almost anywhere in this world to reach to whatever we seek.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Who says that we live in a 'Global Village'? As we have defeated the demon of limitations on major fronts. Have transformed our sight into telescopic-vision; and, now we are heading forward to conquer the infinities of the Universe. This is the time when we should start calling our world 'The Ruling Sphere'.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Respect is something which if you lose once, then you will have to pay your whole life to earn it back.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Be yourself or socially transform, as only hypocrites lies in-between.
- Nawaid M. Sabri http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

When the observer itself is an elementary particle, so what’s left?
- Ikhwan Sopa http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

You don't need to reinvent the wheel; you need to make it spin.
- Ikhwan Sopa http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Different responsibilities and experiences have different commitments and perspectives. Decisions are always there to be made and right choices are products of our maturity.
Jake M. Laguador http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

A motivated person only needs to hear the inspiring words of wisdom once, store in the brain for retrieval of recent and backup files twice, later process and share it to inspire and touch people more than thrice.
Jake M. Laguador http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

We should always exert much effort for the first time as if this is our last. If we will set our minds that there is always a second chance, we really don’t deserve to take the first, because giving our self a first try is useless.
Jake M. Laguador http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The real greatness of our knowledge and existence is how we utilize our real purpose to contribute for the welfare of our humanity.
Jake M. Laguador http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Why go to heaven through hell, when you can go to hell through heaven?
- Jonathan Bending http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

View not the struggles as a punishment in your life, but as a helpful factor to give you the strength to overcome them.
- Juan S. Quitugua http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Life's journey is full of little signs which we may not see if we run at top speed.slowing down and reading the warning signs carefully will help us not to come back to where we took the wrong turn.
- Lawrence Ng'eno http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

I write this to the ones who know me best, who will understand what I mean.
I found you, in the dim light of a passing storm I found you.
I saw you, like a dying shadow in a new world of light I saw you.
I feel you, like the first warm breath on a cool summers morning I feel you.
I want you, like the tide pulls at the shore but can never take it away I want you.
I need you, like a tear needs emotion I need you.
You found me, all this time I never knew, you saved me.
You saved me, holding on to what will forever be, the moment I found you.
- Craig Rogers http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

In the restlessness of deep thought we find ourselves depending on what makes us hopeful. It is an ironic and contradictory process that when we know there is no way out, we give ourselves to the idea there is - continuing on regardless of the pitfalls, black holes of memories tearing us away synapse by precious synapse, until all that's left is the inevitable disaster surrounded by hopeful smiles betraying the crushing gravity of what we know we cannot escape.

It is not lies nor pain nor death that takes us to the edge of possibility; it is the mere thought of them that carries us away from what we potentially are.

Once we do more than hope our apocalypse never comes, when we believe it is survivable, that is when what we call hope becomes something more than just a desperate state of mind. It becomes a reason to carry on, because to the depths of our souls we know that what lies in the vast nothingness of the unknown is nothing more than a fabrication of the irrational fears we hold on to, saving them for a time when we need to hope again.
- Craig Rogers http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

One of the most foolish of all human philosophies, is to believe that we all have an unavoidable destiny.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Self redemption is the first step to exoneration from guilt.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Better to be happy with the cod fish in your plate now, than to linger for the taste of a tuna that is still swimming in the sea.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

People would say bad things about you, because it is the only way their insignificant self can feel better than you.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Life is a journey that gives you the liberty to draw your own map, and choose your own route.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Marriage to the groom does not means that his heart belongs to the bride.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

It is better to believe an obvious lie, than to swallow a deceitful truth.
- Dennis Adonis http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

To put an irrelevant person in mind, it's just like disturbing your own life from moving forward. Neglect them and step forward in your life.
- Oriyomi A. Ismail http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The Loudness of your voice does not make up for the silence in your pocket.
- Rushell Wright http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

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I Will Rise: And as I stood looking out over my land towards the forest in the rain, feeling it touch my skin, and the trees, replenishing us with life; And as I looked out at the nature before me, I knew that we are one.

You can cut a tree like you can knock me down and wound my mind with your hurtful words. But the trees will rise once more, just like I will rise. And I will rise. For that I am sure.
- Shaun Clark http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Lisa RamseyI'm in a RELATIONSHIP with LIFE and I don't know when it's going to end; so I cheated with my DREAMS and now I'm going steady with my FUTURE.
- Lisa Ramsey http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Live today better than yesterday in preparation for an even greater tomorrow.
MiMi Mac http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Happiness lies in purpose. Finding one's purpose in life is finding happiness.
Gursharn Singh http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

The purpose of one's life is to live one's purpose.+
Gursharn Singh http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

Life has many paths; the one you choose will always have a light at the end of it.
- Saad Amin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

You'll make it through this adventure of a life; tread through your own path, the path to your success.
- Saad Amin http://bit.ly/1iDhVnf

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