An Abraham-Hicks Method
For Manifesting Desires

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 7

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Before I give the Abraham-Hicks method, let's summarize these previous six pages about Conscious Mental Attention and what causes happiness in day-to-day choices.

Summary of Conscious Mental Attention

The bottom line for expanding happiness in activity (i.e. apart from daily meditation or Conscious Mental Rest) is actually very simple: do what feels good inside - truly good.

And if there is a feeling we have that is not a 'good' feeling, not a joyful feeling, then that is a signal from our 'conscience' that we're deviating in that thought-attention-moment from our own internal integrity. We're straying from Self-Alignment.

How do we get to a 'good' feeling?

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineSo what do we do if we have the non-good feeling inside? We shift our attention. We favour a course of thought or action that feels - in our gut and in our heart - to be better - even just slightly better: to bring a little relief from the previously dominant thought pattern associated with the subject of our attention.

This is explained in great detail in most of the Abraham-Hicks books.

Do what is right for YOU

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is quoted as having said something like: Meditate and do what you know to be right. Some say: Meditate and don’t do what you know to be wrong. Both lead to the same response.

The question, of course, is: How do we 'know' what is right? How do we ‘know’ what is wrong?

The answer is simply this: we feel it. If it's right, it feels good, at a 'soul' level. It brings some lightness as we make the right choice. It unlocks more of the happiness within.

Here's the Abraham-Hicks method for manifesting desires

The Law of Attraction - book by Abraham-Hicks

  • If you hold such a good-feeling thought for 17 seconds, it triggers a shift in your vibration and takes you to a new level of feeling.
  • Hold the new feeling-thought for another 17 seconds and it again triggers another shift up the happiness scale.
  • Do this four times, for a total period of 68 seconds, and manifestation of the desire actually starts moving.

I have not yet verified this particular approach myself, but I 'feel' that it may well be how the universe works.

Why not try it? Then click here to tell us how it went.

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