The Benefits Of Meditation
Include Increased Happiness

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There are many, many benefits of meditation when it is practised regularly on a daily basis and provided it is an effective method of meditation.

One of the important benefits of effective meditation is the sustainable experience of greater happiness in daily life. A happy person enjoys many other benefits in life too – simply as a result of feeling happy inside.

What does meditation really mean?

This is a tricky question. It’s like asking: What does singing sound like? … or What does dancing look like?

As far as I’m concerned, the word meditation is a pretty generic term that covers a whole gamut of mental methods with almost an equal number of goals. So it’s not really possible to pin-point one single definition. Just do a Google search on the word “meditation” and you’ll see what I mean.

Why do people meditate?

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineI think, though, that if one were to try and hone in on an overall aim of ‘meditation’, then most people who meditate would probably be wanting to have some level of calm or peace during the meditation session, with an overflow of serenity and feeling good during each day’s activity.

However, having said that, I know too that many people simply want to get some stress relief, feel more vitality and have a clearer mind for practical living. Yet others want 'enlightenment' - or a oneness with their personal concept of God.

A simple definition of meditation

So, for now, let’s just work on the broad premise that the word 'meditation' as generally used today pretty much means:

a mental method of one type or another whose aim is
the overall experience of a better quality of daily life

Each individual will have his or her own definition of what a better quality of life means to them, or of which particular benefits of meditation they're wanting.

On this website, when I talk about meditation benefits and tapping into the happiness within, and so on, I generally use the term 'effective meditation', because I am aware that not all methods produce the benefits so often spoken about.

I recommend that you use an effective meditation method

There are many meditation techniques offered these days. So if you’re not yet meditating, try to select a meditation method that both feels ‘right’ for you and is also known to be effective. (The method I use is called Conscious Mental Rest©. It works well for me - in fact, subjectively just as well as Transcendental MeditationTM which I used for over thirty years.)

Why does meditation increase happiness?

In my page about The Two Do-able Keys to Happiness I explain how and why effective meditation can result in more happiness in our daily lives. I also explain why I believe effective meditation is one of the two essential keys to happiness that should be incorporated into the daily routine of anyone who seriously aspires to live a happier and more contented life.

Just do it!

From my own experience I can vouch for the fact that the benefits of meditation - when it is done regularly every day - definitely do include the increased ability to effortlessly unlock the happiness from within.

So why not make the decision today to just do it.

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Other meditation techniques

Here's a website that explains about several traditional meditation techniques. It's called Meditation Techniques Guide, a site that provides an in-depth knowledge of meditation techniques for all.

On that site you'll find a lot of useful information about various practices and techniques, such as Buddhist Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, all well as other advice and knowledge. It includes more information about the benefits of meditation too.

Do health problems make it difficult for you to meditate?

Sometimes a health problem can make it hard to site comfortable to meditate. At Meditation Escape, Sukala helps people with health concerns to meditate . If this is your situation, you might want try one of her techniques now. The overall benefits of meditation really make it worthwhile to devote some time to having the experience regularly every day.

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