Financial Happiness Vs Financial Stress

Money Flows To Where Consciousness Is Pulling It

Financial happiness sometimes requires a new perspective on the nature of money.

Just what is money all about?

Money is simply paper and metal that represent energy. Energy can be stored, or it can flow and be exchanged for energy in another form. It is never destroyed.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineThe money you now have, or that you have previously had, represents energy that has come to you in response to the energy you have sent out by way of mental and physical endeavours of worth.

The assets and lifestyle you currently have at your disposal represent that part of the received energy (money) that you then allowed to flow to those who have made those things available to you.

Money is thus simply the flow of energy, both individual and collective energy.

There is always enough - financial happiness is attainable

Energy is indestructible. It always flows, though sometimes it gets stuck for a while, and then it flows again. Lack of money means the energy has temporarily stopped flowing in your particular direction.

Because of society's financial systems, we can allow money (energy) to flow out to others, via spending, before the equivalent amount of money-energy has flowed to us, via our 'earnings'. This creates what we call debt.

If we continue to allow others to provide us with inflowing energy that we ourselves have not balanced with a commensurate amount/value of outflowing energy, then our debt increases, until we reverse the trend from financial stress to financial happiness.

Debt is unhealthy and stifles happiness

Debt is like a cancer; it is the balance of energy gone awry and out of control. The only way to fix this is to change one's mindset and also one's habits in order to balance the inward and outward flow of energy.

"Easier said than done!", you might be thinking? Not really. What would you prefer -- to stay stressed and unhappy because of financial stress? Or would you prefer to get your financial life in balance so that you can actually enjoy what you do with your money?

Money and the Law of Attraction

Money is part of the energetic structure of life. It is always there; it is always available to flow.

Money flows to where consciousness is pulling it. That is the basis of all the buzz we hear when people talk about the universal Law of Attraction.

Constantly having one's awareness on the lack of money will attract the vibrational essence of the accompanying feelings of lack, fear, despair, unhappiness, illness. So we will attract into our life situations and conditions that mirror those feelings. Focus on lack, and that is what we'll perpetuate. That's the universe's model.

Fly to Freedom

On the other hand, constantly having one's awareness on the availability of money will attract the vibrational essence of the accompanying feelings of abundance, exhilaration, eager anticipation, happiness. So in this way we will attract into our life situations and conditions that mirror those feelings.

However, it's not always easy to change where one places one's attention, simply because ...

  • we tend automatically to give attention to 'what is', to what we see, what we are currently experiencing - in other words, to our current 'reality';
  • we therefore unwittingly further enliven the essence of the very thing we do not want -- in this case, lack of money, financial ruin, and so on. What we think about, what we feel, and what we focus on, that is what we enliven and what we get. That is how the 'Law of Attraction' works.

So, to change the current situation of financial stress into one of financial happiness requires a simple change in how we use our attention. (See how, in the section on Conscious Mental Attention)

How to get out from the cycle of financial lack and financial stress

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