Useful Links And Freebies

Here are some useful links to websites, utilities and software that I have personally used and can vouch for.

Accessing freeware and useful websites generally triggers some happiness. Well, it does for me, anyway. And sharing the information makes me even happier! :-)

So, have fun ... oh, and be happy!

Free E-book: Make Your Knowledge Sell!

Free E-book: Make Your Knowledge Sell!

Make Your Knowledge Sell! shows you how to find "the infoproduct within", how to create and publish it, and how to market and sell it. (179-page PDF file)

Open winmail.dat files without a hassle

Open pesky winmail.dat attachments easily

Ever receive those pesky e-mail attachments with the file name winmail.dat and then get a bunch of hieroglyphics when you try to open one? Here's a free solution.

Free 7-Week E-course On Self-Health - promoting cost-free improvements to your own health

Free E-course On Better Health

The unique 7-week Self-Health Plan shows you how to promote better health for yourself in a natural way by following some insightful ancient-and-modern lifestyle habits for health and longevity.

World Site Index

World Site Index - a searchable directory of websites organised by subject.

Besides using this directory for finding websites, you can also suggest a site to be added to the directory - at no charge.

Irfanview - One of the most popular image viewers worldwide

Irfanview - an excellent and free image viewer and editor. I use it virtually every day.


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Really, Really, Really Easy Computer Books for Absolute Beginners of All Ages

Really Easy Computer Books - for absolute beginners of all ages.

The series includes Computer Books 1 and 2, Digital Photography, Genealogy, Website Building, Online Buying & Selling - great for absolute beginners.

WavePad - Free Sound Editor software

WavePad - free Sound Editor software.

Another freebie I love. I use it whenever I want to create my own audio files and CDs - like for my recorded course in Conscious Mental RestTM.

Useful links to things to trigger happiness

Simply The Best Fonts - free fonts

Simply The Best Fonts - free fonts for the taking.

Most of the fonts offered at this site are freeware and as such free to use by webmasters and hobbyists. If you wish to use them commercially, you may have to register them first.

NoteTab - Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors

NoteTab Light - award-winning free text and HTML editor.

There are pay versions too, but I find the free Light version quite adequate for my curent needs. It's like NotePad but with a myriad extras.

FTP Commander

FTP Commander - an excellent free FTP client.

When I need to upload Web pages this is the baby I use. Dead easy to use, it's a very lean application (657kb) - yet has all the features and power of its weightier counterparts.

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