Towards Financial Happiness

A Financial Happiness Strategy That Utilizes
Conscious Mental Attention© and the Law Of Attraction

Here's a core strategy that will lead anyone towards financial happiness and away from financial stress. I call it swivelling; Abraham calls it 'pivoting'. It is a key aspect of Conscious Mental Attention©.

  1. Acknowledge where you're 'at' -- i.e. don't deny the real nature of the situation from your present perspective.
  2. Swivel around to shift your attention from where you're 'at' to where you want to be. Don't evaluate, judge or entertain the idea that you cannot get from where you are to where you want to be. Leave the 'how' part of it to unfold itself. For now, just entertain the idea, thoughts and feelings of where you would like to be financially, and what it will be like.
  3. Keep your attention on those thoughts and feelings for a couple of minutes (literally, about two minutes), being vigilant not to slip back into thinking about the present undesirable 'reality' you're faced with.
  4. Repeat this process during the day whenever you remember to do it, and certainly whenever you give attention to money matters and your financial situation.

The effect of this 1800 shift in attention will be that your own vibrations will shift. You will start to enliven within you, and within your environment, vibrations that match what it is you desire and aspire to, instead of what you see as the unwelcome situation you've been in.

And when this happens, you will automatically start pulling towards you people, circumstances, events and opportunities that will facilitate - almost orchestrate - a shift in your own reality and financial situation. You will feel yourself moving from a situation of lack to one having enough, and then, over time, from having enough towards having abundance.

This is how Conscious Mental Attention© will assist you in changing your current life situation. "Try it, or deny it." (I read that phrase somewhere, tho' I can't remember where. I think it's quite a cool way of expressing that the choice is yours.)

Take other immediate steps too

Solo Build It!While you're working on your consciousness shift, also take whatever immediate action steps are required to get your financial house in order.

In this regard, Jean Chatzky's Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness represent a very useful approach (see Recommended Books link below.)

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