Success And Happiness
In Midlife And Beyond

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Some people experience success and happiness in their early adulthood.

But the vast majority of adults take at least a couple of decades to gradually work their way up to what they regard as some level of financial and other success in life.

And for many, midlife is the time when life can sometimes become a little challenging.

How are you handling the stages of your life?

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineAs the years keep getting added to our age, so we ride the ups and downs of life, and the odd 'failures' here and there, with their accompanying spells of disappointment and unhappiness.

The choice: midlife crisis or midlife happiness?

In one's twenties and thirties we're usually busy forging a career, building up a financial base, educating our offspring, entertaining, socialising and enjoying vacations and other recreational activities. Then comes midlife, when many people slow down a little to take stock of their lives.

That's often when the soul-searching questions begin:

  • Am I in the right job?
  • Do I really enjoy my work?
  • Is it time to change careers?
  • Do I feel I have reached the level of success in my life that I was aiming at?
  • What will happen when my children leave home?
  • How will I handle that change?
  • Will I be happier or less happy?
  • What will I do with my time when I reach retirement age?

Securing midlife happiness

The two do-able keys to happiness are essential happiness-promoting components throughout one's life - from teenager through midlife and on to old age. They represent the most valuable and stable platform from which to unlock one's happiness from within.

So, whether or not you've already reached ongoing success and happiness in your life, I would strongly recommend using those two keys so that you continue moving constantly towards Self-Alignment © for a peaceful and contented life. Regard that as the foundation stone for success and happiness.

Midlife coping practices are valuable too

Besides tapping in to our inner reservoir of creativity and happiness, through such methods as an effective meditation technique , including my own favourite, Conscious Mental Rest ©, and following the moment-by-moment prompts from our inner wisdom, it is also very useful to obtain some insights into the kinds of changes that occur during midlife.

By understanding the nature of the midlife period, and taking appropriate practical action to ride the phase joyfully and avoid midlife crisis, we can further add to our experience of both success and happiness.

Not only will this support one's happiness during the midlife years, but it will also stand us in good stead to enjoy retirement happiness in our more senior years.

Some useful midlife transition coping strategies

Dr Fred

Dr Frank and Dr Fred help people successfully leverage their midlife transition into lifelong happiness. They do this through their range of really useful, down-to-earth coping strategies for the midlife transition. Their website is well worth a visit.

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