Finding Your Life Purpose
Just What IS That All About?

What's your life purpose?

Grrrr! Why do people make everything in life so darn complicated? Being told you need to find your own life purpose - because that is how to be happy - is one typical example.

Let's not complicate life unnecessarily

I remember when one of my daughters was a young nipper - probably in Grade 4 or 5 at primary school - she came back from a weekend school camp all screwed up with ideas that had been implanted by well-meaning folk.

Part of the camp programme included finding their life purpose. I mean, for heaven's sake, we're talking here about kids of about eight years of age, if that. The problem was that most of the girls claimed to have discovered theirs; but my kid hadn't been able to find hers. So naturally the question arose: What is wrong with me? Why do the other girls all know what they're meant to do in life, and I don't?

I'd venture to suggest that the others thought they knew their life mission but didn't really know for sure what it was. Perhaps they thought it meant being a nurse, or a school teacher, or a horse whisperer. I know many young boys want to be a fireman, or a jet pilot. In my youth - in the days of steam trains - being a train driver held some glamour for some boys too.

Free yourself up! Forget about finding your life's mission

Stressed man with eyes covered Yes, that's right. As adults we have a right not to screw ourselves up searching and searching for our personal life purpose. And we don't need to spend money on courses, workshops or books to find out what it is either.

I'll tell you now what our life purpose is, in two simple words: Expand happiness. That's it. That is what we are here on planet earth to do. How each of us does that is quite simple too.

Just do what triggers your joy from within

Two of the easiest ways to trigger your joy from within that are: take a mental bath towards stillness each day, and stop doing the things that don't trigger your inner happiness.

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineYou are a field of happiness. You'll find many pages on this site that explain that rather sweeping statement. And you'll also find pages that explain that 'the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.' Aristotle said something like that, and so did a famous consciousness guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose quote that is.

So, your life purpose is simply to allow that inner happiness to flow outwards … to be experienced … to be unlocked. Experiencing and expanding happiness is totally natural. Children do it - until society starts adding stress to their lives.

And how do we expand happiness? Just do whatever is necessary to remove the obstacles to the experience of it. The recipe for happiness will set you in the right direction.

But what about my own unique life mission?

Forget about finding or defining what your life mission is. Life is meant to be spontaneous, not contrived. Don't waste time trying to figure out what your life mission, is. The only mission each of us has is to be happy, joyful and at peace with ourselves. In fact, it isn't even a 'mission'. We are automatically programmed to want to be happier. From that state everything else flows spontaneously, including love.

So there; you're now freed up from the stress of trying to figure out something that is not necessary to figure out mentally. Your feelings will tell you if what you are doing is what brings you joy - whether it be your work, your social life, your hobbies, your diet, your relationships.

As the saying goes: follow your bliss. To do that, listen to your body, your feelings, your gut feel about the choices you make.

In closing, here's a thought you can contemplate on, if you wish to. Or use it as a daily affirmation:

Expanding happiness is my life purpose

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