A Happy Smile Is
One Of Nature's Medicines

Happy Angie and Marta - Dec 2008

A happy smile is always nice to see. Everyone likes to be in the company of cheerful people.

Have you noticed too that some people have a face that permanently seems to be in a kind of smiling shape. It's as if these people have a generally cheerful disposition that shows in their face, even though occasionally they may not be so very cheerful at the time.

The opposite is also true. A miserable or worried person, for example, will more than likely have a facial expression that is a very good indicator of how that person is feeling - frowns, downturned lips, tight lips and so on.

What comes first - the chicken or the egg?

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineIn my younger days I always had a bit of a beef about the suggestion that if you're not feeling good then at least put on a cheerful face. I mean, that was like pretending to be what you're not. And to me that falseness was a total no-no.

I still feel that one should be authentic, and not pretend to be what one isn't. However, during my lifetime I've also learnt that you can in fact change what 'is' by changing your thoughts.

More than that, you can even change how you feel by changing your facial expression, like putting on a hapy smile. Specifically, giving a cheerful expression, and allowing your feelings to change at the same time, can actualy bring about biochemical changes in your mind-body system.

These changes not only improve one's mood but they also improve one's health

On the next page you'll find some interesting examples of the benefits of changing your facial expression to one of cheerfulness. Many of these effects have been scientifically validated.

In the meantime, here are two video items that will hopefully bring a grin to your face, or a happy smile, or perhaps even raise some laughter.

Click on the image below to see what goes on
behind the serenity of nature

Ladybug and Blowflies funny video

Click on the Play button below to watch Monty Python

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