Transcendental Meditation Takes Us
To The Source Of Thought

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Transcendental Meditation - Intro Explanation

'Diving' inwards to the source of thought

In a similar way, a thought starts from the source of thought as a very fine impulse of energy and intelligence. It becomes grosser and grosser and takes on more and more structure, until it eventually pops into the mind as a fully formed thought with meaning. He also said - this young fella with the rosy cheeks - that if we can find a way to follow a thought backwards, so to speak, we would experience it at finer and finer levels.

Eventually we would experience thought at its finest, most refined level; and then transcend thought altogether and be at the source of though, pure, transcendental consciousness - the silent ocean of 'being'.

Transcendental Meditation takes us to Being, he said

TM is a technique for doing that, he said. It is a means for transporting the mind, on a thought-vehicle (a sound called a mantra), towards the source of thought, and then dropping off the thought to transcend mental activity altogether. The mind is then in a state of 'restful alertness', resting in transcendental consciousness. This is why the technique is known as Transcendental Meditation. Theoretically, and logically, this seemed to make sense to me.

I ask some questions

At the end of the lecture I went up to ask the TM teacher a couple of questions.

Question: Does this technique really do what you say it does? I mean, does it really "work"?
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: This "being" that you mentioned, is that God?
Answer: In a way you could say that it is the what people would refer to as God, or an experience of that essence (or some such words that he used).

I decide I'll learn TM

Methinks: Okay ... if this works, and it does in fact take me to transcendental consciousness, then why not give it a try. So I made an appointment for a personal interview and after that for the course itself. In those days the course fee for adults was R40 in South African currency (about US $5 at today's exchange rate, perhaps US$15 or $20 at the exchange rate of that time).

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My experience of learning TM

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