Residual Income Business

Three Definite Opportunites

Big residual income takes time to grow!

Anyone who is serious about creating a residual income business must clearly understand that it takes time to build up a meaningful monthly income.

Consider this alternative

If your aim is to earn 5,000 (Dollars, Euros, Rands, whatever) a month in interest income (which is residual income), then at a 5% pa interest rate you would need to have 1,200,000 invested. That's right, OVER ONE MILLION. Here's the calculation:

1,200,000 @ 5% pa = 60,000 per YEAR.
Divide that by 12 = 5,000 per MONTH

How long will it take you to build up a cash asset of 1,200,000 on which you can earn 5,000 a month? For many or most people it is not even feasible.

IF you are indeed earning a lot of money per month, then how much can you save per month? Divide that into 1,200,000 and that will give you the number of months it would take you to have enough to yield 5,000 pm interest @5% interest rate.

By the way, if you draw out the monthly interest, your capital investment will not grow and will in fact devalue year after year as a result of inflation. With the other options mentioned below, generally income rises with inflation and with the growth of your income-generating asset.

Perseverance and patience win the day

So, let's be realistic here in terms of a residual income business with NO capital to invest, only some time and patience and perseverance. Most people who look for extra income opportunities either want to earn good money almost immediately (get rich quick), or they think that can build up their own income-generating asset working part-time from home, and reach a good income within a few months. That is just not realistic!

You MUST give yourself at least one year just to see that it is working. And if you have to pay to be in the company's residual income programme, make sure you are getting something of value for your monthly outlay. If you have to pay a large amount upfront, then all I can say is, Be careful!

Three solid companies to check out

I have personal experience with three solid companies that all offer the opportunity for individuals to create their own residual income business. Each company's product and its remuneration plan are quite different, and each one deserves taking a look at to find which one appeals to you most. (See right column.)

Two of them can be marketed internationally across oceans and continents. The other is also an international company, but each currency zone has its own compensation system. With this company I am involved in the zone for residents in South Africa.

All three companies are genuine, with excellent customer service and support. And they all have a product worth using and marketing.

Check them out for yourself. I can recommend them all. They're shown in the right-hand column of this page.

Who knows? This could be the day your life changes financially!

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