CMR Explained: What Does
Conscious Mental Rest Actually Mean?

Those who have not had CMR explained to them at an introductory presentation often find the concept somewhat difficult to grasp compared with how they're used to looking at the idea of resting the mind. But once you've had the actual experience of Conscious Mental Rest© through proper guidance when you learn Conscious Mental Rest©, you'll soon realize that it's actually quite simple and natural.

And people find too that with regular daily experience of CMR they begin to enjoy more happiness in their daily lives. It's a case of, experience easy and natural mental rest, and spontaneously become happier!

"I've practiced NSR meditation for 3 months and changed to CMR for 1 month. CMR is the best way and most natural way to happy."
~ Katawut, Thailand

The different kinds of rest

Free e-book with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zineThere are essentially two kinds of rest we can get – physical rest for the body, and mental rest for the mind. For each of these – physical rest and mental rest – there are two styles, or two modes, of resting. You can be awake when you are resting, or you can be asleep.

Physical Rest:
• While being aware (awake)
• While being asleep

Mental Rest:
• While being aware
• While being asleep

Everyone knows how to rest in sleep mode. We just lie down and fall asleep, and both body and mind get some revitalizing rest.

And we all know how to rest the body while staying awake. We can simply sit down to rest our legs, or we can lie down and watch TV or read a magazine. Lying down gives the physical body some rest while the mind remains awake, engaged in mental activity.

Resting the mind while remaining aware?

But what do we mean when we say resting the mind itself, yet remaining awake? How can the mind be awake and also be at rest? Let’s clarify this.

In sleep there are various kinds of mental activity that take place. The two with which we are most familiar are deep sleep and dream sleep.

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In sleep we lose our waking awareness

In both states of sleep we lose awareness or consciousness of our self in our present situation. When we dream we experience our self in a different situation from where our physical body is at the time. And when we’re not dreaming we seem to have no awareness at all.

In Conscious Mental Rest©, however, we close our eyes and allow the mind to disengage from active thinking; yet we don’t lose awareness of our self in the way we do in deep sleep. We stay awake.

And we don’t go into a dream state where we experience ourself in a different situation. Our awareness stays awake in the present moment - what author/spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle refers to as the Now.

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Conscious Mental Rest for deeper happiness and peace of mind

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