The Law Of Attraction And Human Attention

Conscious Mental Attention - Part 6

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Like attracts like – vibrationally

The ‘law of attraction’, as it is referred to, is the term used to convey a universal principle that everything in the universe is, in essence, vibration of one resonance or another. And every vibration attracts to itself vibrations of similar resonance.

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Thoughts too are vibrations. This principle is then elaborated to explain how our thoughts attract into our lives more thoughts of a similar vibration, as well as people, events and circumstances.

Many people are now putting energy into applying these principles in order to attract into their lives the things and lifestyle they really want.

The Law of Attraction and Attention

Thoughts imply conscious thinking. But the law of attraction works at an even subtler level than thinking. Attraction is activated by how we feel too. In fact, feelings are said to be more powerful than thoughts. And what we give our attention to affects our feelings.

Our attention activates the law of attraction and draws towards us other feelings, thoughts, events and circumstances that match the essence of what is being enlivened in us through our attention to it.

How TV can affect our experience of happiness

Giving out attention to what we see on TV affects our state of being If you see the violence in the Middle East or Africa on TV, and you dwell upon it, you automatically enliven its vibrational essence within you.

You are enlivening a quality of consciousness of that situation that can manifest in your own life in a way that is compatible with your own life situation.

So, the shooting and killing in one area of the world, brought into our homes and into our awareness through TV, can put us in a position where we attract aggressive situations at work, or in the local supermarket, the parking lot, and so on.

This is not necessarily only about violence. This principle applies to anything that involves choice. It is about where we choose to place our attention.

We can create and perpetuate the situations we don’t want

If we have financial lack, and we keep our attention on the lack of money in our life (e.g. through constant worry, despondency, etc.) then that is what we are enlivening and perpetuating. The way to change that is to recognise the thing we don't want, and as quickly as possible to swivel our awareness around to that which we do want.

Hundred-dollar bills

The lack of money brings a feeling of discomfort - a very real feeling to be sure.

To change the actual undesired situation, we need to shift our attention from what we don’t want to what we do want, and enliven a lighter feeling in ourselves.

So ... we give our attention to what it would be like to have enough money, or lots of money. What would we do with it? How would it change our life for the better? What does it FEEL like to have those thoughts?

That is what we want to cultivate ... the happier feeling ... to step our feelings up a notch and get a lighter feeling of more comfort and less anxiety as we change our focus of attention.

And we do this as often as possible, to culture new thoughts and feelings that are more supportive of a life of contentment and happiness.

This is how we start moving away from old habits that no longer serve our desires.

Lighter feelings attract more of the same vibration

That new feeling then enlivens the quality of that new vibration in our consciousness. That, in turn, attracts and brings the essence of that new vibration into our life.

After a while we actually notice that our life experience has shifted and our quality of life has improved – not only in the financial arena, but in other areas too.

Sure, we still don't yet have enough money. We can of course acknowledge that, and should do so. That's how it is right now, and to say to yourself otherwise would be denying what you see before you.

But let's not dwell on it. Let's use that insight as a springboard to consciously shift our attention to something that feels better. This is effective attention management and intelligent application of the law of attraction.

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