Free Lessons On Transcendental Meditation
- A Myth

Free lessons in TM?

Free Lessons On Transcendental Meditation, says a Web page's title or headline. Bollocks, I say!

I practised Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme myself for over thirty years. I also took Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence course, and attended many in-residence courses.

I can immediately tell when what is being offered online as free lessons on Transcendental Meditation is in fact not TM at all (the TM as brought to the west by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which is what many websites indicate they are offering at no cost).

I think it is unfortunate that innocent people are putting their hope and trust in the hands of people who are suggesting that they are offering free lessons in the practice of Transcendental Meditation, when in fact they are not.

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Inaccurate information about TM at many websites

From the websites I have seen with this kind of headline, the instructions being given invariably indicate that the person who compiled the information does not actually understand the practice of TM at all. The information provided is simply inaccurate.

You cannot learn Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation via the Internet, or via any book - end of story. That is not how TM is taught. There are subtleties in the real TM course that are missed by people who have never actually learnt the practice.

What is being offered as free online instructions or downloads on how to practise Transcendental Meditation is therefore misinformation. The instructions are simply wrong, usually very wrong.

Make an informed choice

You have a choice: learn Transcendental Meditation from a trained and authorized teacher who will teach you in person, or learn some other meditation technique.

Don't be misled by blurbs on websites that tell you otherwise.

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