Some Free Stuff To Trigger Your Happiness

Need some free stuff to make your online life easier?

Have you ever needed to do something on your computer but not had the necessary software to accomplish it? It can be quite frustrating, right? Free stuff to bring you some extra happiness

So off you go to do a search online to find what's available out there, and you get pages and pages of search results in your face. Choosing the right website can sometimes be as frustrating as not having the software in the first place!

Do any of these questions ever come up in your mind?

  • It says Free Download, but is the program itself actually free? Or is it free for 30 days only?
  • It's free, yes. But does it do what I want it to do?
  • Does it have any bugs in it that could mess up my computer?
  • Is this software a way to get spyware or malware onto my system?
  • Besides the hype from the manufacturers themselves, does anyone else recommend this item?
  • Should I or shouldn't I download and install it?

One of the problems when searching for free stuff is that you never really know for sure how good the product or service is.

That is why I am building this series of web pages listing recommended freebies by real people who use the items. If the information on these pages can help you, and trigger some happiness and contentment, that will trigger happiness in me too.

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What you'll find on these pages

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Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Over the years I've come across some great software and online utilities that have really made my online and computer life easier. And the best part is that it's absolutely free. I've just started listing this collection and will be adding to it as time permits.

Those items that I have not personally tried and tested will be listed under a separate heading or on a separate page that has been submitted by a visitor to this site.

As we build up this collection, it will increasingly include Web pages created here by visitors to this site -- like YOU -- who want to share the happiness of having found a great freebie that works.

The list is still small, but with your help we can expand it so that it becomes a useful resource for many Internet surfers.

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Table of Contents for free stuff from the Internet:

Free Stuff To Trigger Your Happiness (this page)
Free Info: What A Web Structure Diagram (Site Blueprint) Should Provide
- Free Tutorial - A Website Hierarchy System That works Well
Learn CMR Transcending Meditation Free
Useful Websites And Other Freebies To Add To Your Happiness
What others have recommended

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What Great Free Stuff
Would YOU Like To Share?

Have you discovered some useful freeware or free utility websites that others might find useful too?

Have your great finds published on your own page on this website. The form below makes it dead easy! What you share must be free; no commercial promotions please.

You can also tell others:

  • How it has helped you in your online and computer life;

  • The pros and cons of it, and any useful tips you'd like to give.

  • The website URL where it can be found, and whatever you feel is important to know.

We'd love to have your contribution.

What Other Visitors Have Shared

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