Happiness In Transcending Thoughts
Without A Meditation Technique

I experience transcending without a 'meditation technique'

One day in the late nineteen nineties, when I had finished my session of meditation and the advanced siddhis add-on, I had an experience that confirmed the notion of mine that one doesn't need a technique in order to transcend. And you don't need years of practice and mental discipline. You just need to set up the right conditions, and then let go.

I was clearly finished my meditation session, just sitting there. Yet, after a while, I spontaneously found myself back in a state of mental silence and bliss; and this happened without using any technique at all. It was totally spontaneous and completely effortless. And it had not been expected or intended. It reminded me of the Bible quote that the kingdom of heaven cannot be taken by storm.

Free e-book and more with your new (free) subscription to the Happiness Hub monthly e-zine Eureka! I now knew for sure - from experience - that it was indeed not really necessary to use any techniques, be they some form of Yogic meditation, the use of recorded sound frequencies, mantra meditation, or whatever. Obviously those people who are drawn to such practices would appreciate using them. But for me, they are superfluous.

My new revelation meant that anyone could learn to experience this without the need to learn a mystical technique or difficult practice or discipline.

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I am set free!

I was free from having to be dependent on someone else for my own inner experience and outward personal growth.

At last! The experience of transcending thoughts and the thinking process could now truly be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their culture, religious beliefs or other perceived differences. It is not necessary to follow a 'master' or 'guru' -- unless of course we want to. I had come 'home'.

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
~ T. S. Eliot

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