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Level 3: The non-physical level at the source of life

What causes happiness, and what causes OJAS, is almost too subtle for words to describe. But let's try anyway.

Life itself is the unfathomable source and course of happiness, which in its most sublime form is referred to as bliss or pure love.

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence."

~ Aristotle

Life is indeed designed with the intention to expand happiness at all levels (see Purpose of Life). OJAS is a physical 'substance' in human physiology that carries the happiness to the level of experience.

So, when one asks what causes happiness, the most profound answer would be that the ultimate primordial cause of happiness is the source of all life itself.

At this unseen level, deep in the universal consciousness that creates worlds and all that is, resides the most subtle intention to expand ever outwards in waves of bliss and happiness.

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