The Secret of Happiness

If there is indeed such a thing as a secret of happiness, it is this:

Happiness comes from within.

Any overused cliche such as this tends to lose its meaning after a while. Yet this popularly used expression has some deep and profound meaning that can be put to practical use in our lives.

We just need to understand what it really means and how we can 'find' that happiness within - or better still, how we can unlock it to experience it more and more in our daily lives.

So, I guess one could say that the secret of happiness is actually a two-fold 'secret': knowing that happiness resides within us; and knowing how to unlock it and let it flow in our daily experience.

This website will show you how.

Point 1: Happiness is experienced inside us

Firstly, happiness is experienced inside us, nowhere else - just like any feeling or emotion. Something on the outside can sometimes trigger the inner feeling, but the feeling itself will always come from somewhere inside us.

Although the experience of happiness, joy, contentment takes place inside us, we can express happiness outwards in many different ways, according to the degree of happiness we're feeling at that moment.

It could be expressed by simply smiling; or by bursting out in song or shouting yippees; or by literally jumping up and down with joy. Happiness can even be expressed in tears. But the feeling, the actual experience of happiness, always happens inside us.

Point 2: Happiness can bubble up for no apparent 'reason'

Another aspect of the so-called secret of happiness is that it is not necessary for something outside ourselves to trigger the happy feeling inside us. One day we can wake up feeling a little 'down', and on other day we can wake up full of the joys of life. Yet we are not aware of any outside factor that has made us feel so happy that day. We just feel good inside.

Point 3: Everyone wants to feel happy/happier/happiest

A third part of the secret of happiness is unquestionable; we see it in our own lives and we see it in the lives of everyone around us. It is this:
happiness is the overriding desire of every human being.

However, not everyone is aware of this. Some people want money; others want status; yet others want 'power'. In fact, if you think about it, people who want 'something' are wanting a change from what they currently have.

They may want something that they don't currently have (e.g. their own home), or they may want more of what they do have (e.g. more money, more power). Or they may no longer want what they currently have (e.g. illness, family disharmony).

People who want more money no longer want the lack of money, or they want more of it so that it can bring them something else they don't currently have - perhaps financial freedom; perhaps self-employment; perhaps recognition amongst others; perhaps a more comfortable lifestyle.

When you drill down to find out what they're really wanting, you'll find it is not money itself, or power, or security, or recognition. People are wanting the feeling that such things can provide them with. They want to feel good inside themselves and about themselves. They want to feel joy. People want to feel happiness.

So the thrust of all human life is towards more and more. And the essence of that which we all want more of is nothing other than happiness.

To experience happiness is our natural urge

It is no secret of happiness that the natural urge of every human being is to be happy. But why is that? It’s because the entire thrust of all life is to expand happiness experientially.

Therefore, if that is the natural purpose of life itself, then the ability to fulfil that purpose must likewise be natural, and therefore possible too.

My granddaughter Leia being hapy Animals experience their animal version of happiness, as playful kittens and tail-wagging dogs have demonstrated.

Children experience joy from the time they first begin to experience this world, and they do this naturally and spontaneously. Even in war-torn regions of the world, it is quite possible still to hear the spontaneous happy laughter of children.

Then why don’t we all experience happiness all the time?

Many people are still in the desperate ‘pursuit of happiness’. Yet happiness is right inside them? If happiness is inside each one of us, then why 'pursue' it?

One reason is that as the human personality experiences life year after year, stress starts to be taken on board. And stress blocks the full experience and expression of our inner joy.

However, we can reverse this trend and start to experience more of our true nature – bliss. To do this, we must turn to the key to happiness that we’re born with to unlock the happiness that lives inside us.

That key I call Self-alignment (Don't be concerned about the fancy term. I'll explain it on the next page - the link is given below.)

The secret of happiness summarised

The source of happiness is within us.

Happiness is experienced inside us, even though it may often be triggered by external stimuli.

Happiness can also bubble up from its source inside us without any external stimuli to trigger the feeling.

The purpose and thrust of all of life is the expansion of happiness.

All that is needed is to find the key for unlocking our inner happiness and letting it flow and be experienced - as a natural state of being.

That's all very well ... but how?

On the next page I'll explain the fundamental key to happiness - the essential formula. Then I'll explain the two do-able keys for that formula - keys that can be turned in order to make all the grand theory about happiness come alive as a practical way to live a happy life - for the rest of our lives.

So, if you accept these views on the secret of happiness, are you ready to buckle up for a joy-ride to greater happiness?

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