A Consciousness Shift Occurs
During Conscious Mental Rest

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Where does your awareness 'go' during CMR?

Consciousness shift during Conscious Mental Rest

In the dream state you might experience yourself in another city, or somewhere out in the mountains or fields. If you are sitting on a chair for some Conscious Mental Rest©, that is where you experience yourself – on the chair, in the room where your body is. Yet your mind is resting. It remains awake, but not engaged in the thinking process.

In deep conscious mental rest you are aware in the present moment, but not aware of the present moment. You are aware in the present situation, but not
aware of the present situation, or of the chair you're sitting on.

This consciousness shift is often referred to as moving into the fourth state of consciousness, or pure awareness, without any subject or object of awareness.

In other words, you are aware. But you are not aware of anything (any object of awareness). Nor are you actively aware that you are aware; you are not aware of yourself (the subject that is being aware). You are simply awareness itself.

Society is now appreciating the need for this kind of mental rest

Some people have certainly realized the need for the regular experience of conscious mental rest, and over the past decades we’ve seen an increasing interest in various methods of mind relaxation and stress release. Examples include:

  • stress management courses
  • meditation techniques
  • various mind and body relaxation therapies, such as aromatherapy
  • frequent mention of various practices on TV shows like the Oprah show
  • increasing recognition of relaxation and meditation methods by scientists and medical practitioners such as Dr Oz who has appeared frequently on TV shows

Popular approaches to mental rest often require mental effort

There are many practices that have been devised which try to quieten the mind, and many are quite beneficial in their own right. Yet a lot of them involve some kind of mental effort; they do not always provide what one could describe as being true mental rest as such. Even many meditation practices frequently require some kind of mental activity to bring about a desired state – like repeating a mantra, or an affirmation, using a concentration practice, and so on.

They suggest that there is something we need to do or think, using the mind to do so.

So many of these meditation exercises, while they may well bring some benefits, tend to coerce the mind to rest, by using the mind – which is somewhat of a contradiction.

One thing to note about CMR is that the goal, intention or expectation is not to attain a consciousness shift during the session itself, but to allow the mind to rest naturally in the way explained during the course.

Manipulation and expectations play no part in a Conscious Mental Rest session. In fact, expectations can reduce the effectiveness because they can reduce the innocence and effortlessness of the process.

So, if you decide to learn CMR, don't even give a thought to any consciousness shift, enlightenment, exotic experiences or relaxation during the process. With Conscious Mental Rest© it is the effects in daily living that are important, not the flavour of the daily sessions.

CMR is 100% natural and effortless (not to mention very easy)

Conscious Mental Rest© is different from virtually every meditation technique. It is a completely natural process that involves no effort at all. It makes use of the way the mind naturally functions. All we need to do is set up the rght conditions and let the process unfold.

Because of this complete naturalness, Conscious Mental Rest© can be experienced by anyone irrespective of their belief or lifestyle.

Now that you've had CMR explained, the next page will cover some of the experiences people have had after learning Conscious Mental Rest© and incorporating it into their daily routine.

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