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Here are three unsolicited items that were posted by new practitioners of Conscious Mental Rest© at the old CMR Forum during August 2009.

These comments show how Conscious Mental Rest© allows one to quickly and effortlessly access consciousness at subtle levels to enjoy heightened awareness and the other benefits of mediation techniques that have been reported worldwide.

Rick, USA:

Some may think this post is in the inappropriate spot but I felt compelled to put this lengthy post here for other non-practitioners to read what an extremely satisfied user feels about meditating the CMR way. With that said let me continue on so please bear with me.

Learn Conscious Mental RestI started practicing CMR on August 2, 2009. This post is dated August 10, 2009. As you can see the time span between both dates is a mere 8 days. The point I am making is that these 8 days are more than enough to convince be beyond all shadow of a doubt how valuable this technique is, to me, and how rewarding it has become. Now I've tried several other techniques and not one of them has been able to do for me what CMR does...provide a deep rewarding rest that spills over into the day. Such techniques are NSR, my inability to get back into TM after around 30 years of absence, and meditating the Self Realization Fellowship way with various techniques such as Hong Sau meditation and Kriya Yoga Pranayama. Now please understand, I am not saying that those techniques are no good. I'm sure they are good for the right person with the right frame of mind but for me I have found that none of them has been able to do for me what CMR does.

Experiences of using CMR to access consciousness at its quiet level

When I personally practice CMR I am no sooner than 10 minutes into the meditation process that my inner vision, with eyes closed, goes from a blackened out area such as when the eyes are shut off from their light source to a inner vision that suddenly turns into a soothing white light and along with this soothing white light it is as if my energy levels are elevated to a noticeable degree. This change from blackened out area to a soothing white energy elevated light is such an indescribable feeling. You almost have to experience it to know what I'm talking about. Like Maharishi once said (not an exact quote), "you can describe to someone what a strawberry tastes like but unless you actually taste the strawberry you can't fully appreciate what it is the person is trying to describe. No amount of words are adequate in describing the taste of a strawberry." I find the same thing to be true when it comes to describing how CMR feels. My description does not do justice to the technique. You actually have to try it for yourself to become a firm believer.


Access consciousness with CMR to enjoy the benefits of meditation

Prujoy3, Australia:

I am writing a "testimonial" on behalf of my husband.

He has been using CMR for nearly 2 weeks but only once per day for an average of about 15 minutes each session & only for about 5 days out of 7! So not exactly a regular regimen - ha ha!

Anyway, he hasn't said anything about it at all up until last night when all of a sudden he was describing all kinds of experiences in his every day life that I suddenly realized could only be attributed to the practice of CMR!

He had one VERY profound experience that I could only describe as "transcendental" -just suddenly, in a split second almost by the sound of it, he found himself relating in total "beingness" with the person in front of him (a young music student) without the need of a body at all - he described it as if "the body was a bit of a nuisance" in the wonderful pure communication with another "being" :)

Then he went to tell me how "nothing is so negative anymore" - that things that formerly may have disturbed him are now sort of "softened" or evened out. Now my husband is always been a very mild mannered type of guy but for him to describe this I realized that it was attributable to typical experience after using either TM, NSR or CMR.

Experiences of using CMR to access consciousness at its quiet level

I then told him a couple of quotes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & he so totally "got" them esp. Gavin's favorite "the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness" - he LOVES it! He wants to have it printed & placed where everyone can see it - he even made up a funny story about having a briefcase which when you go to the all the trouble to unlock, etc, & peer inside - all that is there is a slip of paper with those words on it!

So we ended sitting up quite late teasing this all out into the light of awareness - I may be very tired later today but it was well worth it!

And, needless to say, he also now has a very much increased appreciation of continuing with CMR!


Access consciousness with CMR to enjoy the benefits of meditation

Response from Rick, USA:

Thank you for sharing your husband's experience/s with CMR prujoy3. When a good thing such as CMR comes along I feel that it is our duty (people like you and I who are getting good things out of the practice) to let others know that there really is something to this, something that can help those be better person's not only for themselves but for society as a whole. As for myself here is what I have to offer to those who are interested in taking note.

In my previous post I had said that I started practicing CMR August 2nd with initial good results and here it is August 21, some 19 days later. To date I can honestly say that this form of meditation has worked better for me than any other meditation practice that I have tried. I have tried NSR and that has not worked as well as this type of meditation. I have tried Paramahansa Yogananda's Hong Sau Meditation and Kriya Yoga Pranayama Meditation and neither one of those has worked as well for me as CMR has. I have even tried to restart my TM practice with no success whatsoever.

Experiences of using CMR to access consciousness at its quiet level

Now please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that CMR is better than NSR, TM or Yogananda's meditation methods for these meditations, I'm sure, work quite well for others but they seem to do very little for me. I guess you can say that the person practicing the meditative technique has to feel some sort of resonance with the technique otherwise the technique will not work for them or appear not to work. Such is the case with me when it came to the meditation techniques just mentioned. As for CMR this meditative technique resonates with me quite well and here is why I feel so.

First of all I actually look forward to meditating twice a day because not only is it extremely relaxing and enjoyable but it's almost like taking a vacation and getting away from all the hustle/bustle in the world. Not only that but I find when I come out after 30 minutes my energy level and outlook on life is, once again, on a high level even if I had gone into meditation feeling somewhat down.

Experiences of using CMR to access consciousness at its quiet level

Secondly, I feel that my overall outlook on life has improved slightly. It might not be a big improvement as of yet but it is a noticeable one. For example: environmental colors seem to be more alive when I look at them whereas before these colors always seemed so dull to my seeing eyes.

Thirdly, I find that I'm an consistently sleeping better at night whereas before CMR I tossed and turned all night long only to awaken in the morning not feeling so rested. All that is changing for the better.

Fourthly, and I'm somewhat ashamed to say this, I often times especially when things was not going my way had self defeating thoughts such as, "I wish I was dead. I don't really care whether I live or die. What's the sense of life anyway?" I used to have those kinds of thoughts rather frequently but since taking up the practice of CMR I can honestly say that those thoughts are a thing of the past. I no longer entertain them. They just seemed to go away all by themselves but I personally know that what has made them go away is CMR because CMR is changing me within - for the better.

Experiences of using CMR to access consciousness at its quiet level

In closing I would also like to add that many of these changes are on a subjective level and a good one I might add. I also have this deep down inner feeling that more significant changes are on the way as I continue to be faithful in the practice and I haven't missed any meditation (twice a day) since I started August 2nd. That's how good this precious technique has been to me. All I can say is Gavin Hoole you've done a great job for those like me who are in great need of such a reliably good technique. Thank you.


The above are unsolicited reports of using CMR to access quiet consciousness

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